what-happens-when-you-use-panteneI often find myself trying to explain what happens when you use Pantene hair products. It’s not as bad as it used to be….either less people are using Pantene or more people don’t want to admit that to their hairdresser. It’s okay because if you don’t mention it then no one will tell you what’s going to happen to your hair!

The problem with Pantene Pro-V shampoos and conditioners starts with the cheap, low-quality ingredients. When  things like alcohol and other harsh stripping agents are found in high volumes in your beauty products…they will contain other cheap, low-quality ingredients to cover up the effects of the other ingredients(like drying out your hair, making it more brittle, etc.).

Waxes and silicones(supposedly not as bad as wax) coat your hair a little more every time you use Pantene. At first, you think it looks great because your hair is so shiny and feels soft. With time your hair will start to look dull, become harder to manage & style, lost it shape, etc. That’s caused by the wax build up from using Pantene shampoos & conditioners as well as other products like theirs.


What happens when you use Pantene hair products?

Here’s a great visual for those of you that aren’t convinced about the damaging effects Pantene can have on your hair….

If you want to know more about the differences between salon and generic hair care…check out Professional Products vs. Drugstore Brands!

I understand that not everyone can afford professional salon products, so please contact me for alternatives if you’re not sure what to buy. I’m working on a list of professional to drugstore alternatives, so in the meantime check out which products are best for your hair type here.

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  1. Kristy says:

    Good article and I’d like to add some things — I’m also a hairstylist and I loathe Pantene (among others). A few reasons: A) The waxy texture left on my hands after handling hair that has weeks, months, to years of Pantene use on it.
    B) The crayon smell on my hands and even in the client’s hair; most noticeable when the water first hits their hair and then while blow-drying.
    C) Being able to comb through it while wet but after blow-drying, hair gets baked together from whatever substance is in there and you struggle to detangle it..again…even when you used clarifying shampoo not once, but twice. They’re in need of treatments and not everyone will get on board with that, unfortunately.

    I’ve used my trimmers on Pantene hair to cut a straight line dry; a whole lot of wax-dust was “sawed” off before the hair actually cut..then my trimmers jammed and stopped cutting..oops moment 😉

    Pantene is only concerned about profit.

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  3. I have been using Pantene because I like the way if makes my hair feel better than the more expensive brands. My hair dresser has said she won’t color my hair if I have been using it, so I was wondering if you know how to remove the buildup?

    • Erika says:

      Your hairstylist can do a pre-color clarifying treatment or you can use something like Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three at home. I use it once every other week(sometimes more often, sometimes less often).

      I think that it’s a little extreme to tell someone they won’t color your hair if you’re using Pantene. The color WON’T last if you continue to use Pantene products…so that could be the reasoning. Professionally, I just give my clients my opinion about products, their routine, coloring, etc. and it’s up to them to take the advice.

      The reason why people think Pantene makes their hair feel good is because of the wax deposits. If you use quality conditioning and styling products with professional shampoo/conditioner then your hair will feel better than it does with Pantene!

      • Monica says:

        It’s not extreme. When using bleach in Pantene clients I ALWAYS have issues.
        Steaming, moisture dripping, not lifting properly and toner doing absolute bleep all.
        It’s a massive pain in the butt and clarifying beforehand isn’t enough to get rid of all the build up.

        • Erika says:

          So true! Have you ever seen a video of someone literally scraping the buildup off the hair from using Pantene?! It’s nuts!

  4. Brooke says:

    I use to like Pantene alot. It was always a staple hair wash to grab in the store until recently.
    I had been experiencing what I can only describe as chronic dandruff. EW!
    My scalp would build up large amounts of skin that were highly visible and peel like a bad case of dandruff.
    I was always unsure why as I wash my hair at least 3 times a week (the recommended amount) and even sometimes with anti – dandruff shampoos.
    All of this happened when I was using Pantene.
    I began to turn to the fact that maybe it was my trusty hairwash causing these problems.
    So I switched hair wash and within days my dandruff case was completely gone.
    I could wear my usual style of a part down the middle and my head no longer resembled a snow globe.
    I tried a few more different hair washes and no dandruff. So i switched back to Pantene just to see and YUP! Dandruff.
    The next morning I woke up with that same build up on my scalp.
    SO long story short, Pantene gave me chronic dandruff so I don’t recommend it unless
    you’re planning on having a white Christmas this year. 🙂

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