Everyone’s been asking for LulaRoe size measurements, so I made an easy chart based off of the one on the LulaRoe clothing website. These measurements are based on women’s sizes in the United States.

All measurements are in inches and some of you may have measurements that overlap between two sizes. If you’re not sure which size to order then consider how clothes usually fit you. LulaRoe clothing is very forgiving, therefore most people can do down a size in shirts but should stay true to size in dresses.

LulaRoe Size Measurements


Click here for the basic LulaRoe Size Chart!

How To Measure

To choose the correct size for you, us a body tape measure  as follows:
Measure around the most full part of your chest.

Measure around your natural waistline.

Measure 20cm down from your natural waistline.

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7 Responses to LulaRoe Size Measurements

  1. Sarah says:

    I need some advice on sizing. My bust measurement is 35, waist is 28, hips are 37. It appears that I should be a small. I fit into an xxs classic tee, so obviously not all styles are designed to fit tightly to those measurements. I don’t know the clothes that we’ll yet, so I want to hear other people’s opinions. In the Amelia and Nicole styles, what would you recommend I try? Is it pretty true to size if I got my regular small? Would I be able to go up or down a size if there was pattern that I really wanted? Anyone with similar body types who owns those styles that can help?

  2. Ashley Kelly says:

    What are your thoughts on a girl’s size 14 maxi (discontinued style) on a grown woman? I found a really cute one on eBay, but the seller has it listed as a woman’s skirt. Maybe she doesn’t realize it’s actually a child size (in the spirit of giving her the benefit of the doubt…)
    Any experience with this style and how the sizing runs? Ty!

    • Erika says:

      I think it would work if you’re petite. This maxi is definitely shorter than a womens maxi LulaRoe skirt.

      I’d estimate that a petite woman, narrrow size 8 down to a wider size 2 could wear a girls size 14 maxi!

  3. Alana Jones says:

    Can I use this sizing chart graphic?

  4. […] Click here for the LulaRoe Size Measurements! […]

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