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Negative Side to Bangs

I’m writing this short post on the negative side to bangs because it’s been a popular search topic on my website and I think these are great points to consider if you’re “on the fence” about getting bangs. You may also want to check out: To Bang or Not To Bang? Bangs and Your Face […]

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Bangs and Your Face Shape

There are many things to consider when choosing a bang style from texture to styling and more. Bangs and your face shape are often forgotten when contemplating changing your look because you have to worry about how you part your hair, if you have a cowlick, how you style your hair, how often you’re willing […]

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January Product Reviews

We just had a round robin training for the Southern VA district Ulta Beauty Salon Managers at my store and it was awesome! That’s where these January product reviews came from….we got so much information and some great product demos that I’m super excited to share with everyone! Featured this month are products from Living […]

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9 Hair Color Trends To Try

If you’re thinking about changing up your look…you should check out these 9 hair color trends to try before your next salon appointment! Getting your hair colored isn’t what it used to be. Your options are endless and new trends are popping up everyday! The most requested hair color trend at my salon right now is […]

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Winter Wedding Hair

Winter weddings are on the rise and there’s one thing that I love about celebrating out of the typical warm weather wedding season! Hairstyles! Winter wedding hair doesn’t have to be different from the styles you would choose during the summer, but you do have more options. I usually recommend a style that’s up completely […]

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Winter Hair Care Tips

Everything changes with the seasons, and our hair, skin, and nails are often overlooked. There’s so much to do at home, work, with family, decorating, etc. that we forget to take care of ourselves until something happens.   Your skin gets really dry, your hair becomes less manageable, and your usual moisturizer just isn’t enough. […]

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How to Tie a Hair Bow

Have you been wanting to learn how to tie a hair bow? This isn’t your everyday hair bow, so check out this easy how-to and give it a try! I saw this tutorial on Ulta Beauty’s instagram page about how to tie a holiday hair bow and I knew I needed to share it! These […]

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