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Believe it or not there are a lot more curvy women out there than slender or average.

Unfortunately, celebrities and magazines are all about who’s skinny or getting skinny.

I am curvy and I know that this is how I’m supposed to be. Everyone needs to embrace it and feel confident about themselves. The perfect haircut is a great place to start!

I feel that for curvy women a bad cut can be much worse than for a slender woman. Going too short can result in months of hating your hair and your look(trust me, I’ve been there)!

Remember that there are many different types of curvy and it’s not necessarily the same for everyone. Fit & curvy will need something different than a more full & curvy figure.

Always keep balance in mind.

If you go too short your body will appear larger, too long and it looks like you’re trying to hide behind your hair.

Styles for Curvy Women


Short and Curvy

If you’re short and curvy flattering styles can be a little more limited but there are a few dead on cuts that will do wonders for your look. Go with medium length styles and stay away from anything too flat.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Layered- A medium cut with layers is ideal for the short and curvy.  You want to keep it on the medium-short side rather than medium-long lengths.
  • The Bob- I recommend a medium length with a little bit of a boost.  You don’t want it to be too straight or one length. Making it slightly fuller with layers will be most flattering.


Tall and Curvy

Being tall and curvy can be a challenge at times when trying to find balance as there aren’t many options. Your “curvy type” makes a big difference in taller women.

If you’re tall, curvy, and fit you can wear a lot more styles than someone who isn’t on the fit side. Try to imagine a woman who is tall and around a size 16 with pixie cut or very short bob. It will make her body look larger and you can say good-bye to balance or proportion.

Two years ago I had a very short, wild haircut and I was probably about 20 pounds lighter than I am now. When I look at pictures of myself i look bigger than I do today! It just doesn’t look right and now that I have a longer layered style I feel much better. Sometimes it’s best not to go for what you want but what you need.

The following styles will look best for the tall and curvy:

  • Long and Layered- This is especially true for larger curvy women but works for all tall and curvy types. It does so much for your overall look and provides perfect balance for your shape. Keep the layers around medium length and depending on your face shape adding bangs or an angle is great too!
  • The Bob- Proceed with caution! The bob is best for more fit curvy types and should be kept at a medium length. If you must go for a slightly shorter that’s okay too but consider face shape as well. Longer length bobs are great for more curvy women but it’s not my first pick.
  • Medium and Layered- Also a great choice, it’s not ideal but I include it because of texture & thickness issues. Long hair isn’t for everyone, if you have very coarse, uncontrollable hair you may feel like it’s more manageable at a medium length. On the other hand if it’s thin with little body it’s not going to do much for you at a long length anyways.


Average and Curvy

Sometimes it can be hard to find whats perfect for people in this category. You have lots of possibilities as an average-height curvy woman and there are also a few styles to stay away from.

If you want to have long hair be sure to keep it conservative. If you’re hitting your bra strap or lower it’s time for a haircut.

Also remember to not to go too short!

I recommend medium styles all the way for the average and curvy.

For those of you who like short hair just keep it a little on the longer end of the spectrum. Too short and you might as well grab a cut off jean jacket and go work at an auto body shop.

Here are a few great style suggestions:

  • Medium and Layered- My personal favorite for those of you in this category. It’s going to give you a fresh and balanced look without drawing unwanted attention to “other” areas! You can go for short or medium length layers, have fun with it!
  • The Bob- Be sure to remember to keep it at a medium or medium-long length. Going too short will isolate your face interrupting the natural flow of your look

Hopefully you’ve got some ideas and you’re ready for a new style!

Hair texture & thickness are other factors that i briefly mentioned…don’t forget that when you get your new style!

If you would like more in-depth information on those topics click here. You can also check out some great examples of styles for curvy women here.

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