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Every body shape has sub-categories that are important to consider when choosing a style. You may be slender but are you short, tall, or average height? What about your face shape?

I’ve compared several photos of celebrities with their best and worst haircuts, and considering your shape makes all the difference!

I have a few basic guidelines for slender body shapes: don’t go too full or too sleek, and height is important.

It sounds confusing but after reading this article you will be certain of what you want/need and be ready to hit the salon. You can also refer to the gallery of  photos for your face and body shape when you’re ready.

Styles for Slender Shapes


Short and Slender

I consider this category to be a little more on the rare side. But lucky for you it’s easy to identify a great style that’s going to look great. Keep in mind that face shape matters for the specifics, I am giving you general examples of styles for your height and body type.

For example, if you are short and slender with a square face shape a pixie won’t look as flattering as a soft layered bob.

Suggestions for the short and slender:

  • Pixie Cut- This is a huge favorite of mine for the short and slender. Pixies are most flattering on this body type, all you have to do is go for it! It is best suited for oval and heart face shapes.
  • The Bob- I consider this to be a very wide ranged category. Possibilities with bobs are endless so you should focus more on face shape when considering what type of bob to go for. Stick with very short to medium-short lengths.
  • Layered- Any cut can be layered but I feel that I need to go in to detail about what types are best. You can go for a layered cut that’s in-between a bob and a pixie or even a medium layered cut would work. Stay away from medium length long layered cuts and make sure your goal with the layers is for movement instead of volume.


Tall and Slender

You may be surprised to know that I find this category to be a little more challenging. It’s going to be a lot about face shape and personal style. You need to find balance with your height and shape without going to far either way. A few notes to keep in mind, I recommend staying away from pixies and very full styles.

Imagine a very tall, slender woman with hair nearly to her waist, lots of full layers, and too much volume. What a mess! She would look top-heavy, and the fullness and volume would only make her body look longer and more slim. If you are closer to the slim-average type i can see where wanting to look more slim is no biggie! But for the very slim, we don’t wan’t to give an anorexic illusion because of a bad hair cut.

Suggestions for the tall and slender:

  • Medium Bob- I say medium because with a lot of height going too short isn’t the most flattering unless you’re going for a certain look. The type of bob will of course depend on face shape. I love medium bobs for the tall & slender because it’s flattering and it won’t take over your look. Stay away from really full and volumous layers with this cut.
  • Layered- Medium and longer layered cuts look great. Just be sure to keep the length under control.


Average and Slender

I wish I had more specific information for those of you in this category. If you’re average and slender starting with your face shape and then considering other factors is best. Remember the basic guidelines for slender shapes and you’ll find a great style.

A style that is too “sleek” or “flat” will make your body look larger and your head will look smaller. At the same time a style that is too full will make you look slightly like a bobble head doll.  An interesting way to put it although very true!

Suggestions for the average and slender:

  • The Bob- My personal favorite for the average and slender! Bobs look amazing if you fall into this category. You have too many possibilities to count, but remember to consider face shape and stay away from too much volume or fullness(a little won’t hurt).
  • Pixie Cut- Proceed with caution! With an average body type you will want to go with a longer length pixie cut. Bangs are also a great way to balance everything out if you want to go pixie. If you go too short with an average body type…I can guarantee you’ll feel 10 pounds heavier.
  • Layered- I suggest keeping layered cuts at a medium length, but keep it around the shoulders. Also, keep layers around medium length. If they are too short you’re going to have a little too much volume or be on the verge of a mullet.

For examples of great cuts for slender shapes you can check out the photo gallery. It’s important to remember that although I am giving you detailed information nothing is as accurate as an actual consultation with your stylist.

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As always feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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4 Responses to Styles for Slender Shapes

  1. Lori Steiner says:

    Hi Erika! You provide a wealth of information – thank you! In your opinion, is size/shape of the nose a factor when considering a haircut? Thanks again!

    • Erika Brown says:

      Hi Lori! Most of the time your face shape is the main factor in choosing a cut. Next would be the amount of time you would like to spend styling it, your lifestyle, is an optional ponytail important to you? I can’t recall thinking that someones nose would be a deal breaker for a hair cut

      If a client were self conscious about their nose then there are certain styles I would choose over others. For example, side bangs or a swoopy bang that frames the face would look better than no bangs with your hair pulled back (larger nose). I think you should go for it. Most people think too much about the small things when no one else notices them 🙂

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