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Since writing The Truth About Pedicures, I realized that I needed to give everyone a simple how-to on at-home mani’s and pedi’s.

If you’re not sure about what products to use  you can browse discounted mani/pedi supplies on Amazon. You will find everything you need for the price of one pedicure!

I understand that at first the at home pedi doesn’t sound like a treat compared to sitting in the nice jetted tub. Now that I do my own I actually enjoy it more.

I used to sit in the nail salon cringing at the girl cutting my toenails too short or shaving off most of the skin on my heel. No one talks much and you’ve got a birds eye view of the lady sitting across from you and her camel toe(you know it!). Not to mention I always felt like I payed too much and the polish choice is never good under pressure! If you’re still thinking about the bubbly experience from the jetted tub you can find a nice at home foot spa for about $35.

At home I lay a towel on the floor and fill a good sized tub with hot water, sprinkle in some foot soak and step one is done! Then I find something good on tv, grab a glass of wine and soak until the water starts to get cooler. I can promise you it’s a lot more relaxing than being just another client getting rushed out of the nail salon so they can get to the next pair of feet! As for the rest, I used to dread having to nip my own cuticles or file my toenails. Now I look at is as a time to relax and it forces me to slow down and enjoy doing something for myself.

Mani’s & Pedis At Home


💋For when you have time on your hands…


Things you’ll need:

1. Lay a large towel on the floor in front of where you will sit(I like my couch!). Fill a tub large enough to immerse your feet comfortably under water and fill with warm or hot water. I usually do hot so I can have time to get situated and as it cools off. Sprinkle in foot soak of your choice and relax for as long as you like!

2. When you’re ready, remove one foot at a time and rub with foot soak, then wash off in water. Next, use the foot file to soften heels and problem areas.

If you’re a runner or active athlete…don’t file your feet too much as they may be more sensitive when you’re active!

Mani & Pedi Supplies

3. Gently push back cuticles and nip the excess. Don’t nip too close to the skin and be sure to only nip the dead skin that you’ve pushed off the nail bed.

4. Dry off your feet and clip the nail edges to your desired length, resulting in a straight nail edge. Cutting them rounded could promote ingrown toenails! File away the rough edges and buff the nail if you have a buffing block. The buffer creates a softer edge that’s easier to paint than the nail file.

5. Apply lotion if desired avoiding nail bed if possible. Prep the nail bed with O·P·I Bond Aid (This step is optional, but I do it every time.). It will help your polish to last much longer by stripping the oils and balancing the pH of your nail bed. If you don’t have any bond aid you can use a little bit of alcohol on a paper towel square (It doesn’t work as well as Bond Aid in my opinion.).

6. Apply base coat, nail lacquer of your choice, and finish with a top coat. My personal favorite is Seche Vite Top Coat, I love O·P·I but this one is the ultimate of all topcoats!

7. You can use a nail drying product or wait for them to dry naturally. Don’t try to walk around or put your shoes on! It is inevitable that you will run into something and smudge your polish, trust me I know. When they are dry you can apply a little cuticle oil and rub excess over hands! Voila!


💋For when making your toenails look pretty is all you have time for…


Things you’ll need:

1. Clip and File your toenails. Remember, keep a straight edge to avoid ingrown nails and don’t go too short!

2. Buff the nail edges if you have a buffing block. I do this every time because it creates a softer edge that the harsh file can’t.

3. Apply Bond Aid if you have it or use alcohol on a paper towel square. This step is optional but I never skip it! The O·P·I Bond Aid instantly absorbs into the nail and you can polish immediately. The purpose of this step is to balance the pH of your nail bed so that polish will bond better. Your polish will last much longer and chipping it off will be a chore!

4. Apply base coat, nail lacquer, and top coat. Allow to dry naturally or with a fast-drying aid. I prefer the natural way as more can go wrong with a drying spray or liquid! A good rule of thumb is to let each coat dry before applying the next and you won’t get any surprise smudges!

Keep a basket in your bathroom for your mani & pedi supplies!

I keep a “nail” basket in my bathroom with everything I need to do my nails. This makes it a lot easier, all I have to do is grab the basket and sit down!

Also, I have my favorites that I mention and that doesn’t mean you have to use those specific products. I’ve found what I love through trial and error but you may have another favorite!

If  you would like to browse my recommended products on amazon you may click here.

All of the steps for doing your own pedicure are basically the same as doing a manicure. Instead of scrubbing your hands with a harsh file you would use a gentle scrub.

I thought I’d mention that just in case anyone gets confused :). I will be giving a step-by-step tutorial on manicures soon if you feel like you need it!

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