We see those looks and we know you are pondering the idea of saying something you shouldn’t say to your stylist!

Everyday something interesting happens at the salon and it’s either hilarious or insulting.

I love writing about some of our experiences with clients in hopes that it will make your next salon experience more enjoyable.

If you’re guilty of any of these things its okay because everyone has their moments!

Remember, a huge factor that contributes to leaving the salon as a happy customer is the success of the consultation, and what you say will make a difference.

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5 More Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Stylist


1. “Here’s a picture I drew of the haircut I want.”

An actual drawing brought in by a client. Stick to the magazines please!

So many things cross my mind when I see someone pull out a self portrait stick drawing during a consultation.

Some people take it a step further when they ask for a pen & paper upon arrival at the salon.

The effort is adorable but the most important thing to remember here is that you are wasting your time.

Any credible stylist will stick through it and be polite but can’t wait for you to stop rambling and give some real clues as to what you want.

A great stylist will ask you specific questions to get a better understanding of your hair goals!

Unless you are a great artist that “hairstyle” you draw will:

  • Look like a 1st grader drew it
  • Lack dimension, depth, contrast, & more
  • Look unrealistic

If you want to make sure you’re getting the cut you want then find a picture you love and bring it in!

OR…show up 15-20 minutes early and look at some hairstyle magazines. If you get to your appointment on time you will feel rushed and find yourself frantically skimming through a magazine and you probably won’t find what you’re looking for.


2. “I want to look totally different but I don’t want to cut a lot off.”

No wonder my clients praise me for having so much patience!

If you say you want a whole new look…most stylists will automatically visualize something drastically different from your current look. No doubt we will proceed with caution, but if completely different is what you want that’s what you will get.

Taking an inch or two off and adding layers is not a huge change.

Your stylist wants to give you what you ask for so remember to be specific. In this situation being specific about what you don’t want is very important if you haven’t expressed what you do want clearly.

Do you hear yourself contradicting yourself?


3. “I really like it!” (When you really don’t.)

Yes, we CAN tell if you don’t like it.

For some of you this one doesn’t apply because you are honest with your stylist after a service.

We’ve all been told from the time we’re old enough to know better that honesty is always the best policy…no matter how big or small the situation is.

It’s time to stop being soft about it and speak up if you’re not happy with your service!

All stylists have had a client that will say they love their hair but call back later and complain or demand that it be “fixed” for free. This is just not polite, especially because we can probably tell if you don’t like your hair. Whether I think you don’t or not, it’s up to you to speak up when you are asked-

 “What do you think?”

I don’t understand why clients don’t speak up for fear of hurting their stylists feelings.

I think I can speak for most stylists and say that we won’t be mad or offended. We want you to love your hair more than anything…even if that means asking for a tweak or two.


4. “I know I’m really late, but why can’t you still do my hair?!”

No need to give us a slew of excuses! You’re either on time or you’re not!

Surprisingly enough this happens all the time!

Most stylists have their clients scheduled with the time they need to do the service and that’s it.

There’s no 15 minute buffer “just in case” you’re late, and it is not fair to take the next client late because you could not be on time.

I talk about etiquette between stylists and clients a lot and this definitely falls into that category.

It does not matter how important you think you are or that your hair won’t be done for the big event that night. Every client is treated equally and if you’re too late, then I guess you’re too late!

If you know you’re going to be late here’s what you should do:

  • Call the salon receptionist immediately upon realizing that you’re not going to make your appointment on time.
  • Ask the receptionist if your stylist will still have time to get you in.
  • If not, ask if there are other available times that day.
  • We will always try to work you in if we can!


5. “There’s no difference between professional products and department store brands.”

I think this says it all….

If you say this to any stylist it is taken slightly as an insult.

Our career and training is based on creating beautiful hair and we know that anything other than professional brands are not up to par.

This topic is not up for argument with your stylist and you should probably listen to what she/he has to say about products and what they can do for your hair.

You may end up getting something new that you love and will save you money in the long run.

Here are a few examples of things you just don’t go cheap on:

  • High End Salon vs. Walk-In Based Chop Shop– Do you want your haircut to be a 10 or a 2? Also, if you’re already choosing the better salon, why choose the cheaper products?
  • Generic Macaroni & Cheese vs. Velveeta Cheesy Shells– The generic is sticky, uses powdered cheese, and it’s not creamy! Do you still go cheap?
  • OPI Nail Polish vs. Dollar Store Brand– Would you buy the one that clumps if you know spending $4 more will give you great nails?
  • Charmin Ultra Soft vs. 1-Ply Toilet Paper– Do you really want to battle with toilet paper that will disintegrate solely from shower steam?
I think you get the general idea here…why buy shampoo that will strip your hair and leave a residue when you can have really clean, healthy hair?

If you still don’t agree the least you can do is give your stylist a little courtesy. Thank her for showing you the great products and leave it at that.


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