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I’ve seen plenty of wedding day salon disasters so I’m giving everyone some information to make sure your big day goes smoothly!

There seems to be a million things to think about when planning a wedding and when it comes to hair most people don’t think past making an appointment.

You can also refer to my Weddings page for information on services.

Here are a few things that you should consider when planning your arrangements for your wedding day:

  • The What, When, Who, & Where
  • Checklists
  • Things to Remember

Your Hair On The Big Day


The What, When, Who, & Where

It always seems like when I have a big day or event planned things don’t exactly as I think they will. There will be something I forgot, I’ll run out of time, or realize that I never tried on everything I planned on wearing. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this and I see that poor planning contributes to millions of wedding day disasters! If you’re not good at taking mental notes go ahead and write out a plan for your day. I know how dorky and overly organized it sounds but it will help you make sure everything goes smoothly for your wedding day!

Information to Gather:

  • All activities or errands happening on that day, what time they take place, and how long you need for each one. Is there anything that can be done BEFORE the big day?
  • Who’s involved in what? Is the grooms mother having her hair styled with you and your bridal party? Make sure you have everyone’s information and which services they will need when you make your appointment.
  • Do you prefer on-site or off-site services and have you asked for a quote? Will you want your hair and makeup done as well as everyone in your party? Some bridesmaids may prefer to do their own makeup and those are small yet important details when making arrangements.
  • Who’s paying for what? It seems like more often than not this question is still unanswered when it’s time to check out and be on your way. Some people have extra money, some don’t, and some assume that the bride wants it so she’s paying! Make sure that everyone can afford the options you choose and if not come to a compromise. Maybe the bride’s mother is paying for the services but your bridesmaids are responsible for the tip.


Checklists are a girls’ best friend!

Whether you’re organized or not, having a checklist is a must for your wedding day. I use lists a lot and despite being super organized I always forget something! If you’re like me there’s always one last thing you didn’t think of and having a checklist helps keep things in order.

The Bridal Checklist

The Bridesmaids Checklist


Things to Remember

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

It doesn’t matter if everyone’s hair matches or you forgot your false eyelashes. One of my clients gave me a very simple yet insightful thought to remember when planning a wedding or on your special day. She said, “If it won’t matter in 100 years then it doesn’t matter now!”. This is so true and it can apply to anything!

2. Choose your desired look ahead of time.

Do you want to make an appointment for a trial updo or wing it? If you know what you want and trust your stylist then you’re probably good to go. On the other hand, if you don’t know who’s doing your hair or what you want then you may want to make an appointment for a trial run. Bring pictures of your dress and the hairstyles you like so your stylist can help you create the look you love!

Do you want your hair down, half-up, or completely up? Do you want a natural or more fixed look? Are you wearing a veil or other hair accessories?

Do you want to look classic, retro, modern, natural, etc.? Click here for examples of different bridal styles…maybe you will find the perfect look!

3. Have a budget.

Did you offer to pay or is everyone paying for their own services? If you offer make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into and remember that it’s probably going to be more pricey than everyday salon services.

If you want professional styles but don’t offer to pay it’s always a good idea to consult with your bridesmaids individually and make sure they are comfortable with the cost. If one person is tight on cash maybe you can help her out and if everyone is you can brainstorm and come up with a cheaper alternative.

Don’t spend your hair budget before your wedding day. This sounds silly but I know several stylists including myself that have been shorted some cash. It’s usually because you or your parents have spent so much money up to that day and you’re getting tight because honeymoon cash is on your mind. In some cases people run out of money and have to make new arrangements so make sure you plan ahead!

4. Check everything off your checklist.

If you love checklists like I do then check out theknot.com to find tips and checklists for your wedding planning!

5. If it won’t matter in 100 years it doesn’t matter now!

If you’re planning a special occasion near the Williamsburg, VA area and would like a consultation click here for more information! You can view my photo gallery of bridal & special occasion styles here.

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