Plan ahead so you won’t be shocked when it’s time to pay!

I feel that in general most people think of box color when trying to save money on their hair. They think that eliminating regular visits to their stylist is the only way!

The most important thing to remember is that box color is never a good option. If you’re a believer in box color you may want to check out my post on 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Box Color.

I have several new clients every month that come to me for a “fix” because they just wanted to go quick and cheap. Some things in life aren’t meant to be “do it yourself”! It’s kinda like when your husband thinks he can fix the sink and three attempts later….he calls a pro! Hopefully these tips will help you out if you’re looking to save money on your hair!

How to Save Money on Your Hair

1. Know your budget.

I have several clients that come to me on a regular basis even though they probably can’t afford it. It doesn’t matter how good your stylist is if you can’t afford to keep up the style. I’ve actually had clients tell me that their highlights just aren’t lasting long enough like I can work miracles and make your not grow out. I’m sorry to say it but after three months you will have regrowth and it’s not your stylists fault.

There are lots of ways to have your hair colored so that it “grows out gracefully”. Talk to your stylist and choose something that’s not drastically different from your natural hair color. For example, if your hair is light brown and you go light blonde all over you’re going to notice it in 3 weeks and you’ll think your regrowth looks black.

Your hair(if you get regular services) should be treated just like any other bill, whether it be monthly or quarterly. I know a lot of people don’t think about it like this, but if you do you will stay within your means and that’s more important than getting your hair done.


  • Add your hair to your budget.
  • Only do what you can afford.
  • There are great options for spending a little or a lot!

2. Make sure your stylist knows you’re on a budget.

Being open with your stylist during the consultation will guarantee a great cut/color and you’ll know how much you’re going to spend!

This is a toughie, I have clients that are upfront about being on a budget and others that are too worried about what people will think to say anything.

If you haven’t noticed yet, everyone is watching what they spend right now so who cares!?

During your consultation express what you want your hair to look like and your stylist should quote you a price.

If it’s too high for your comfort zone then ask your stylist to suggest other options. If a client is worried about spending too much I always give another option and clearly compare them for my client. You may be sacrificing a full highlight for a mini but it’s better than spending $100 more than you have!


  • Talk to your stylist about what you want and how to keep the price down.
  • Always speak up if you’re not comfortable with the price.
  • Ask your stylist about haircuts or colors that don’t need to be kept up as often.
  • Consider telling your stylist what you can spend and how often, he/she will have suggestions for you.

3. Get rid of your high maintnence hair style.

Paul Mitchell Style
High Maintenance Color & Cut

I know it may be hard, but if it will save you money then who cares! Maybe it’s time for a change anyways, you never know you may get something you like even more.

If you’re getting dimensional color, waxing, deep conditioning treatments, etc. there is a way to cut your bill way back.

Talk to your stylist about coming up with a more affordable option. You can change it back when you steadily have enough extra money to pay for it.

Another big thing I tell my regular clients about getting deep conditioning treatments is if you can’t afford it you can always do it at home. A deep conditioning treatment is generally around $15-$20 and you can buy a great professional mask for around $25. I recommend It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask among all others, it’s amazing I promise! If you buy the mask it will last you at least 6 months and save you money at the salon!


  • Give yourself deep conditioning treatments.
  • Go for a less expensive color option.
  • Tweeze stray hairs on your own so you don’t have to wax as often.

4. Preserve your hair.

Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner
Preserves your color and it’s 100% organic!

If you are getting professional services it’s imperative that you preserve them with professional products.

I see lots of people trying to save money so they leave the salon and go buy suave or Pantene (eek!).

They are some of the clients that I see monthly, complaining about their color fading and wanting me to come up with a less expensive option.

I always tell them- “If you use professional products instead of drug store brands your color will last longer!”. Do they typically believe me? Probably not. I have converted some people into believers but it’s hard when you’re not willing to spend a few extra dollars.

If you’re not aware, most all professional products are much more concentrated than drugstore brands. This guarantees that you need much less product and your shampoo will last so much longer! I buy shampoo only once every 3-4 months and people using drugstore brands generally buy about once a month or more. If I pay $19 quarterly for my shampoo and you pay $7 monthly for the cheap stuff who’s making out on top? Not only will you need to buy shampoo much less but your color will last so much longer!


  • Buy professional products instead of drug store brands.
  • Get them discounted on if you don’t want to pay a little more at the salon.
  • Participate in programs that reward you for buying products.

Check out this related post:

Professional Products vs. Drugstore Brands

5. Participate in salon incentive and reward programs.

Everywhere you go, and I mean everywhere you get a little key chain card to participate in a stores reward program. The problem with this overload of incentive programs is that we all have too many! I’ve even seen someone with a separate wallet for their store cards! If you want to be thrifty you need to pick one salon, one drugstore, no more than 2 grocery stores, and only one of each other specific store! If you concentrate on earning rewards at the same stores you will see much more of a return than when you cant remember which store had the best deals. This can also be true with salons. Some give incentives for regular visits and others give them if you refer a friend. Find something that works for you and stick with it!


  • Choose on salon with a reward program that fits your needs.
  • Ask about other programs like frequent customer cards(buy 5 products get $10 off, etc.).
  • Participate in store referral programs. Some stylists will even give you a discount when you refer your friends!

6. Plan your appointment around sales, specials, and coupons.

If you know me well then you know I’m big on couponing, especially when it comes to groceries. Some people don’t have the need or want to pay attention to sales and wait for the best deals but if you’re on a budget maybe you should start. Most salons have ongoing monthly sales on products as well as a specific featured service. If you go to a chain or are a regular at a particular salon check on coupon opportunities and that will surely save some money!


  • Check to see if your salon offers coupons.
  • Check your salons monthly sales and plan product purchases or services accordingly.

7. Start a “Hair Fund” or give something else up.

Designate a special jar and label it “Hair Fund”!

If you just can’t seem to scrape up the extra cash and you absolutely have to have your hair done then it’s time to come up with a solution.

I always suggest giving something else up to save extra money for something you really want or need.

Do you really need another pair of sandals?

Think about it, and if you have enough then maybe that pair of sandals can be your hair color instead.

If you get your nails done monthly ask yourself if it’s something you really love or is it just nice to have? I stopped getting my nails done and it was hard at first but saving $40 a month is a lot better than having nails!


  • Give up something you don’t really need or want as badly.
  • Save extra change or small bills in a jar to use when your hair appointment comes around.

If you have any other great tips on saving money at the salon please feel free to share in the comment section! For discounted products that are stylist approved click here to browse.

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