Not only is Pureology the #1 selling brand in our salon- it also holds up to it’s promises! The essential repair line is one of the most effective out of any brands I have used in or out of the salon. All of my clients notice a huge difference in their hair when I use this product and the best part is you can use it on any hair type! It will help smooth & soften your ends and leave a polished look without the feeling that something is on your hair.

pureology-split-end-correcting-treatmentIt’s important to remember that when your hair is damaged it is probably lacking 2 things: protein & moisture. Pureology’s Essential Repair line is super concentrated & packed with proteins that aid in rebuilding and restrengthening your hair. If your hair gets too much protein it may actually go from damaged to repaired to dry and brittle because it needs to be balanced with moisture.

If you use any Pureology Essential Repair Product everyday be sure not to exceed 6 weeks(especially if you feel that your hair is dry or brittle but was feeling better).

After that use the hydrating line for a week and then you can go back and forth. If you use the hydrating shampoo & conditioner with the split end corrector after your shower then you’re good to go for a continuous daily routine! Remember to keep balance for healthy hair!

There’s probably a reason why you need a split end correcting treatment and most of the time it’s simple to prevent. If your damage is from box color then you probably need to read 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Box Color.

For some of you that isn’t the case, you may just be addicted to your blow dryer and flat iron. Your styling tools can do some serious damage too if you’re not using the proper products to shield from the heat! If you’re not sure where to start check out one of my other reviews on Pureology’s Anti-Split Blow Dry Cream.

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