Towel dry your hair…who doesn’t have time for that in the summer?

Does your hair turn green in the pool? Do your ends get really dry or break easily in the summer? Practicing summer care for hair is important, so don’t forget to prevent and protect it all season. Check out these tips for keeping your hair healthy in the heat!

Using leave-in conditioner is my number one tip for so many reasons. If you apply a good leave-in conditioner before you get in the pool your hair will be in much better shape!

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner

The conditioner will prevent your hair from soaking up any excess chlorine or harmful UV rays. Chlorine can dry out your hair as well as leave an awful tint of green if you’re a blonde!

Just like sunscreen, you probably need to reapply 2-3 times a day while you’re at the beach or pool.

If your hair still manages to soak up some of those unwanted elements there are some great at home products for getting it back in shape.

Yes, you can go to a salon and get a professional treatment but sometimes all you need is a good specialty shampoo and conditioner.

Listed below are a few products that can help protect & preserve your summer hair.


  • It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner- Protects your hair from harmful UV rays, moisturizes, and prevents breakage!
  • Malibu Shampoo & Conditioner- There are several different types of Malibu shampoos made for specific needs. For summer I recommend the Malibu Summer Wellness and Malibu Blondes shampoos for keeping out the chlorine & brightening your hair.
  • Aveda Sun Care Protective Veil- Using a lightweight protective mist is especially important for those with color treated hair. The sun care line from Aveda smells awesome and it keeps protecting for 16 hours! The moisturizing mist also prevents dryness & damage!
  • Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Mask- If you’re like me you use a mask weekly/monthly and can’t live without it! I love the Aveda summer mask because it’s a great switch up from my Pureology or It’s a 10 masks. It’s an intensive cream that restores, moisturizes, & helps defend against free radicals!  Not that I’m worried about free radicals…but it’s a plus.

Don’t put your hair in the same ponytail everyday!

We all do it in the summer. I start to put my hair up almost everyday because it’s too hot and frizz can’t be tamed in this weather! If you put your hair up in the same place on your head each time you will start to notice breakage in that area.

Kristen Cavallari with a dressed up ponytail.

Switch it up and do a side pony or a low bun to give your hair a break. The picture to the left is a perfect example by Kristin Cavallari of how to dress up your ponytail!

Try alternating between looser looks, high/mid ponies, or using different methods to secure your hair. I use ‘Goody’s Ouchless’ ponytail holders in black because they give a little and there is no metal clamp to break your hair. You can also use mini 6-prong claw clips to put your hair all the way or half up. Using the claw clips will prevent breakage while giving you a looser, more natural look.

For ideas on how to wear your hair in the summer click here to view my Summer Pony’s post!

Give your styling tools a break.

Most people don’t realize that there are several ways for your hair to get damaged, especially in the summer. When your hair is exposed to more and more heat you are slowly but surely damaging it.

Things like blow drying, flat ironing, curling, being in the sun, and not using products will all result in breakage and ridiculous split ends.

Why battle frizz when you can just spray in some mousse and go?

I use my blow dryer about once a week in the summer and sometimes less.

Everyone is different when it comes to their hair routine so feel free to contact me if you’re stuck in a rut. My hair is on the thicker side and a little wavy so my methods may not work for everyone.

You hate picking up your blow dryer in the morning and it makes your bathroom like a sauna….just give it a break!

Here is my weekly routine:

Alterna Bamboo Style
“BOHO Waves Tousled Texture Mist”


I usually do nothing with my hair on Sundays in the summer! It’s boat/pool day so whatever is left over from Saturday will do :).


My hair was either washed Sunday night(air dry with a little leave-in conditioner) or I wash it Monday. I generally have Monday &off so I just scrunch my hair with some mousse, beach texture spray, and a little soft gel on the ends. If your hair has trouble holding the curl, towel dry for 5-10 minutes after the shower then apply product and put your hair back in a towel while you get ready. This will help it set while it’s drying.


Shower cap day! Unless I have a need to really fix my hair or I worked out I just use a shower cap. I can usually get by with a wide-tooth comb and some beach spray to freshen it up.


Depending on what day I washed my hair I may or may not wash in on Wednesdays. It just depends on if it’s starting to get oily or not. I comb or brush my hair out, apply dry shampoo at the scalp, and fluff! This will work if you only need dry shampoo around the bang area to the crown of your head.

If it’s a lot more oily than that then you need to shampoo.

The leftover texture from the scrunching is usually perfect for curling. I curl my hair with a 1½ inch curling iron using large sections(a small handful) and then spray lightly with hairspray. Afterwards I run my fingers through to loosen up the curls and that creates an effortless summer look!

Alterna Dry Shampoo


I like Thursdays because I have time to work out in the morning and shampoo/style my hair. Depending on the timing I will scrunch and air dry on the way to work or blow dry my hair.

After applying products I do a quick rough dry to remove up to 70/80% of the moisture.

Then I section my hair in 3 sections and do a quick round brush with a thermal shine spray(Sedu Thermal Heat Protecting Shine Spray is one of my faves).

After I blow dry I usually do a little flat ironing and that’s it!


Another lazy day! I just brush and do a quick touch up with the flat iron. If it’s really hot I’ll put my hair up in a higher dressy ponytail.


Saturdays at the salon are hectic so I don’t worry much about spending time on my hair. I usually apply a little dry shampoo and either put it up, freshen it with the flat iron, or do a quick curl so I don’t have to worry about the sleek hair while I’m busy!

I hope that my daily routine will help you to realize that hair can be easy and effortless. I work around my schedule and what’s easiest for me. If you have any great tips to share please feel free to leave a comment! All products mentioned in this post can be found here discounted on!

For more product suggestions check my post – Top 10 Summer Products. If you have any questions about caring for your hair in the summer please feel free to contact me for more great tips!

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