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As summer ends we all get excited about boots and sweaters, but what about our hair?! Just because we’re going to miss those beachy, tousled strands until next year doesn’t mean we can’t love our locks in the fall.

There are endless ways to change your look without going overboard so go for it and do something a little out of your norm with these fall hair tips….

If you’re thinking about changing your hair color at home…please…don’t! What a disaster!

All of my advice is based on proper salon care by a trusted professional. I know it can be tempting, so if you’re still not convinced you may want to read 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Box Color!

Fall Hair Tips


1) Cut off those scraggly summer ends!
There’s nothing I hate more than an over-processed  blonde that only wants a “teeny tiny” trim. Summer is over, your hair has struggled enough…let go of an inch or two!

The sun does damage to our hair just as chemicals do. I know this may be hard to understand but split ends and porous hair strands are a result of several elements, not just one. In the summer most people are probably highlighting, blow-drying, flat-ironing, sunbathing, etc., and your hair will pay for it!

  • Your hair won’t look healthy and beautiful until the damage is cut off, no exceptions.
  • Chlorine + Sun= Dry, Split, Crunchy hair!
  • If you DON”T cut it off, your ends will only split up and break off….creating the “my hair doesn’t seem to grow” effect.
  • Not sure how bad your summer damage is? Take this quizlet to find out how damaged your hair is!


2) Get a clarifying and deep conditioning treatment.
Chances are that by fall you’ve got some serious build-up going on and you don’t even know about it. Your scalp has pores just like your face, and the more you sweat, use product, or just get dirty, the more clogged your “hair” pores become.

That’s why it’s important to get a clarifying treatment to break up the build-up and start fresh. The general rule of thumb is to clarify monthly, but I already know that most people don’t do that. If you don’t clarify on a regular basis, at least do it after summer!

  • A clarifying treatment will get rid of that leftover summer build-up.
  • Your hair may feel a little dry afterwards, so restore it with a deep conditioning treatment.
  • When temperatures change and humidity settles your hair & skin will become more dry…get the deep conditioning treatment!


3) Throw in some Autumn shades.

“I went to a fall trend training class in July and their “Glamping for Fall” theme was perfect for 2016!”


Stunning Solids
Hair & Photography by Erika Brown

Being a beach blonde doesn’t mean you have to get full highlights year round! In fact….i highly discourage it. Change is a wonderful thing so why not adjust with the seasons?

Get a few dark blonde low-lights and give your hair a break. Maybe it’s time to start fresh with an all over color.

I went to a fall trend training class in July and their “Glamping for Fall” theme was perfect for 2016! This year is all about natural & effortless styles that are low maintenance and easy to maintain.

Babylayage and Sombré are just a few of the new fall trends that we learned from the Ulta Beauty seasonal class.

Each look is paired with the perfect haircut and makeup shades to complete the look. We learned a new color and cut for every hair texture and length, so check them out on Ulta’s website before you book your next hair appointment!

There are plenty of other ways to change your look….here are a few to start:

  • Babylayage– An exclusive Fall Trend by The Salon at Ulta Beauty! Babylayage is created with the perfect combination of baby lights and balayage…it’s a match made in heave! Check it out on their website…I’m having one of the girls from my salon do this to my hair at the end of the month!
  • Sombré– An exclusive Fall Trend by The Salon at Ulta Beauty! Sombré is one of my favorite new fall hair trends because the soft ombré technique will tone down your summer hair just enough to get ready for fall. Check it out on their website!
  • Ombré– A great way to keep some bright strands while toning it down a little!  Plus, you don’t have to worry about regrowth every 3 weeks!
  • Low Lights- No commitment, this option allows you to keep your basic tones while bringing it down a notch or two.
  • Semi-Permanent Color A great way to do a big change without making a big mistake!
  • Block Coloring Fall is the perfect time for block coloring, there’s less worry about fading & it’s a great way to uniquely change things up!


4) Think ahead!
If you’re blonde and you think you want to go dark…and I mean dark, don’t do it!  The first thing I ask a client when they want a change that’s a little harder to reverse is…

“Will you want to be this blonde again by summer?”

If you’re not worried about it, then go for it, but if you know you like to change your color it’s probably not a great idea.  As colorists we think about how difficult it will be to change when you ask, because we know you will.

  • You can only go from blonde to black and back again until your hair breaks off or falls out, literally.
  • It is possible to have a whole knew look without going to the point of no return.
  • Make sure your stylist is thinking ahead before it’s too late!

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