how-damaged-is-my-hairIf you feel like your hair isn’t as simple and soft as it used to be then take this quiz to find out how bad the damage is!

Most of my clients have no idea that their hair is damaged until it’s too late!

Everyone is so used to damaging chemicals and the effects of styling tools that we’ve become numb to the signs our hair is giving us!

Don’t wait til it breaks!

This quiz will help you assess your “hair health” based on your daily routine, usage of heated styling tools, how chemically altered your hair is, etc. Check out the links to my other posts about damage after you take the quiz!

Quiz: How Damaged Is My Hair?


Welcome to your How Damaged Is My Hair?

I use heat protecting and conditioning products...

My hair color is...
The appearance of my hair is...
My hair color is best described as:
When I get my hair relaxed/permed the application is best described as:
My hair is...
After shampooing & conditioning my hair is....
I use heated styling tools like flat irons, curling irons, & blow dryers....
I color my hair...
When my hair is colored the application is best described as:

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65 Responses to Quiz: How Damaged Is My Hair?

  1. FMcNeill says:

    Thank you for publishing this quiz. I found it to be accurate. My hair is damaged, judging by the amount that I lose. My thick hair has begun thinning and I know that it’s because I dye it at home myself. Knowledge is power, and I can say with confidence ‘No more box dyes for me’. Going forward I will focus on healthier options and consult a professional colorist, before I damage it beyond repair.

    • Erika says:

      All chemicals can damage hair. The most important things to remember are to not over-process your hair, go easy with heated tools, and don’t make too many drastic changes in a short period of time! Those are the main things that cause the most damage among my clients and readers.

      I do want to mention that box color CAN be used safely(although it is still going to be more damaging than professional hair color). The problem is that a very small percentage of people fall into the “safely” using box color category. Those people do not over-lighten their hair, they stay consistent with what they use(as well as not overlapping color…only applying on new growth and refreshing when needed), and they do not try to change their color by several levels.

      Just get a trim, a deep conditioning mask, and take care of your hair. You’ll be back to normal in no time!

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  3. […] What causes split ends? The answer isn’t as simple as you may think. There are many different types of split ends and all of them are created by different types of damage. If you’re worried that your hair is very damaged then you may want to start by taking my quiz: How Damaged is My Hair? […]

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  5. Joanna Cannone says:

    i only have ever gotten my hair professionally done, once a year, i used heat safe products and only blow-dry it once every other week, then it told me to not dye my own hair and use heat safe products and that its extremely damaged, now im not a professional so i wouldnt know or question it with a direct response, i am truly just curious, is it simply the quiz being weird, or is it right and im unaware what im doing wrong? I would be happy to have this explained to me if its either cases, and i want to do whats best for my hair <3 (my hair is natural chocolate brown ombre into strawberry blonde, professionally done, in-case you might need to know that)

    • Erika says:

      Think of this quiz just as one you would find in a magazine…like Cosmopolitan…only not as “cheesy”. It’s generic, and it works for most people, but some cases are different and the results aren’t perfectly reflective of your situation. I have revamped it a few times, but it’s very hard to include every situation to make it perfect.

      How does your hair feel? Is it dry? Do you have fly-aways, frizz, or split-ends? Does your hair look healthy…or does it look like it needs some life?

      It sounds like you’re careful with your hair and you’re doing everything you can to maintain its integrity. You probably got results of “extremely damaged” because your hair has been lightened quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean that it’s in bad shape. It’s hard for me to evaluate your hair without seeing it, but I would assume that your hair is only slightly damaged. That’s not a bad thing-any hair that has been chemically altered is considered to have some degree of damage because the cuticle has been opened and closed one or more times.

  6. Mindy says:

    Hi! Thanks for this wonderful quiz! My result was that I have healthy hair. I believe that is correct. I was thinking of getting a body wave perm but I am not quite sure if I should. I’ve never colored my hair, and never gotten a perm before. My hair is extremely thin and has very little body. Do you think a body wave perm would help my hair? Thank you so much!

    • Erika says:

      I think you should go for it as long as you don’t plan on coloring your hair in the next year or so. Just do your research and make an appointment with someone you trust! Good luck and thanks for reading!

      Happy New Year!

  7. Kassandra says:

    Hello! The quuz says my hair is mildly damaged but I am pretty sure it is more than mild, however somet of the characteristics in the questions/answers fidn’t quite fit with my hair when it came to describing the level of damage or difficulty. My hair falls out a lot and I don’t just mean breakage but that could be genetics since my father’s side has a tendancy towards balding. Not sure however cause I have been dying my hair almost non stop since I was 14 and I am now 23. Obbiously with hair growth and hair cuts my hair is not 9 years worth of damaged however I have concerns for it. My hair tends to be oretty resistant, etcetn my hsairstylists have told me so but even they can tell me it is damaged. Sometimes I go in after a long time and they freak out cause I haven’t been caring for it as much but most times they are amazed and surprised at how healthy (compared to the amount of bleach and color treatment I’ve had done) it is amd ask me what I do. My main concern right now is my hair falling out. Could this be because of the hair dye?

  8. AvaMist says:

    Hi Erika , just wanted to thank you for the quiz and great advice. I found an colorist within an hour of my home and have called and got an appointment . The salon and Rex had fabulous reviews. My hair is naturally wave and I have salon colored it for years but it never comes out like I want. I bring pictures and have switch salons 3 times in the last 6 years after trying to give them the benefit of doubt and keep going back to the same person for at least 2 years before giving up and searching for another salon. I think I may have found the “one” tks to you !!

    • Erika says:

      That’s great! Thank you for sharing, you did exactly what I tell everyone to do when looking for a hairstylist or color specialist! If you do your research you are so much more likely to be happy with your experience(that applies to so many things in life).

      Thanks for reading!


  9. evalinda says:

    Hi Robin, I have a few questions. In your article you say Manic Panic is not Semi Permanent hair dye. What is it exactly? I have almost always used box colors, but I also never used them often (maybe every 6 months) and once every two weeks I feel condition my hair with an egg/avocado/Greek yogurt/coconut oil mask. I went to the hair salon about 4 months ago (I hadn’t box-coloured my hair in 6 months) and received the worst color treatment of my life. I did not want the technician to use bleach, but she insisted it would be necessary. So she bleached about 10 strands of my hair on the top of my head and essentially forgot about it. About 45 minutes later she comes and washes it out and it’s a Carmel-ey blonde color. I should say that I wanted to go for a brown/burgundy color but apparently her salon did not actually have that color, so she said she was going to “make one up” anywho. That washed out and turned a gross yellow within literally 72 hours and one wash and condition with cold water. The technician offered to fix it after she saw me out and about afterwards saying it should not have faded that quickly. And then she did the same thing again. Further damaging my hair. I ended up deciding to do a pixie cut, so it got rid of a lot of the frayed ends. Fast forward to two weeks later and I come in to get a complimentary bang trimming. The manager sees that the color has washed out already and tells me I should try Manic Panic hair dye. That it is essentially a deep conditioning hair dye and it would help me get the coloring I want without the damage. So this is what I have been doing and I would have to say, my hair has felt phenomenal since I did the switch. I do not bleach my hair. It’s naturally a dark brown/red shade. I mix purple haze and vampire red and I use natural cleansers and conditioners in my hair. Any suggestions or comments from you regarding Manic and how I should be caring for my hair otherwise? I just wish my hair would grow back faster. It was quite long before the fiasco with the Salon. Needless to say I’m I bit scared to go back biw :/

    • Erika says:

      What made you think my name is Robin? I’m just wondering because many people have “stolen” this article and published it as their own on other websites/blogs. Are you referring to 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Box Color?

      The manager probably told you to try Manic Panic because that’s the better of the non-professional options. Manic Panic does not give you those results unless your hair has been lightened(“bleached” is not a term that ABCH haircolorists or Paul Mitchell Alumni use, terminology is another good way to know if your haircolorist is a true pro or not). So, you think that Manic Panic is better, but it’s not. Also….with that type of color…the more you apply it the longer it will last. There are so many reasons why all of that is wrong and it’s way too much to explain.

      As for your unfortunate salon experience, here’s how to avoid that:
      1. Schedule a complimentary consultation. You can learn a lot in 15 minutes, and the consultation is SO important! Unthorough consultations are one of the number one reasons why people have a bad experience. So take the time to do that because a short conversation will tell you whether or not that colorist is a good one.

      2. Find a certified haircolorist in your area. American Boarcd Certified Haircolorists(like me) are THE BEST in the business. Don’t let anyone tell you they’re a certified haircolorist unless they passed the National ABCH Exam. Being “Redken Color Certified” or “Wella Certified” means that someone knows how to use a specific color line. It has little to do with the art of the consultation, chemistry & formulating, problem solving/correcting hair color, etc. compared to ABCH. Search for an American Board Certified Haircolorist here!

      3. Don’t pick a shitty hairstylist, to say the least. There aren’t many great haircolorists, but they do exist. For example, I can name 3 to 4 amazing haircolorists that I personally know in Williamsburg, VA. None of them are ABCH, but not many are so I consider them “good”. The difference with an American Board Certified Haircolorist is immense, so if you’re a perfectionist with expectations then that’s who you want to do your hair.

      • Nikkki says:

        I was just reading through the comments and I live very close to Williamsburg, and was just looking for a good colorist! Could I have those names so I can look them up? The ones I’ve gone to so far around here are dreadful.

        • Erika says:

          I’m at The Salon in Ulta Beauty just off of Monticello Ave! Here’s the online booking link if you’re close enough to make an appointment: The Salon @ Ulta Online Booking , or call 757-220-8830 and ask for Erika 🙂

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  11. Juliette Stone says:

    Leave the option for natural hair dye it henna. I do dye my hair monthly a wine red on the top half and black on the lower half. But the red is natural and the black has no ammonia or other chemicals.

  12. Lindsey says:

    In the past, I’ve dyed my hair (box color, which I know now is a no-no) usually no more than twice a year. I don’t use heating products on a daily basis anymore; I have naturally curly hair, and I’ve gotten into the habit of letting it air-dry for over a year now, and I wash my hair every other day. The quiz results I got were ‘very damaged’, with a recommendation to lay off the heating products. I don’t feel that this is accurate. I can concur that I probably have a good deal of damage due to the box dyeing, and I will stick to professional coloring in the future. But as I said, I don’t use heating products every day—there may have been some confusion when I answered the question about how often I use heat protection and conditioning products, which I answered ‘every day’, due to the curl conditioning cream I use daily.

    • Erika says:

      It depends on all of your answers. This is a general quiz that I created because I had so many e-mails asking for help with damaged hair.

      The recommendation to stop using heated tools is for those who use them often, but if you don’t then that part does not apply to you. The suggestions are just basic guidelines that I tell my clients with certain levels of damage to help them get their healthy hair back.

      Your hair texture is probably more dry than most, so that can be confused with damaged hair if you’re not using the right products. I hope to have a more specific quiz option in the future, but that is very hard to do considering the wide variety of people as well as possible outcomes.

      Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any questions!

  13. […] the protective barrier on hair, making strands more prone to sun and chemical damage. Hair becomes more porous and absorbs and releases water easily, which takes some color along with it when it’s rinsed […]

  14. Sarah says:

    My hair was once relaxed but hasn’t been relaxed for close to a year it is dry and difficult to comb when wet it also traps loads of dandruff. I also get my hair braided back to back. Are you sure these answers are accurate it said I have healthy hair and I forgot to mention my hair is getting thicker. Can anyone give me some help on wether or not I should get a spiral perm based on this information? Thanks

    • Erika says:

      I don’t think you should get a perm, but I would need to know more in order to give you a definite answer.

      Yes, the quiz is correct but just like ANY quiz online or in a magazine….conditions vary as well as individual circumstances. It is impossible to give someone a 100% accurate analysis of their hair without seeing them in person. This quiz is meant to be a guide and in some situations a personal consultation is recommended.

  15. Rachel says:

    I currently bleach and dye my hair every 2-3 months. I also use a deep conditioner, hair masks, etc. my hair is extremely healthy and even when I go to salons they are extremely astonished at how healthy my hair is. I got ‘mildly damaged’ on here and I feel that is way wrong for me. My hair feels like silk and I have no split ends. I guess I’m just lucky.

    • Erika says:

      Mildly damaged is probably right. Any time you lighten your hair some damage will occur. You take care of your hair and it’s probably applied properly…that’s the safest way to lighten hair(not overlapping bleach every time).

      All hair that has been chemically altered is damaged, if even a little bit, and even if you can’t look at it and tell. As I said, damage comes in many forms so it’s important to know about your own hair. You’re already taking care of your hair so you’re okay, but someone with the same hair and the same lightening routine that does not use a mask or deep conditioner would have noticeably damaged hair.

  16. Corliss says:

    My hair is dry packed when combed lots of hair come out dry or wet & has broken off & you say my hair is healthy… ha what a joke

    • Erika says:

      This quiz is accurate FOR MOST PEOPLE.

      You may have “healthy” hair, but other factors are causing your hair to fall out or break off(like stress, vitamin deficiency, hormones, medications, etc.).

      This quiz is meant to determine the level of damage that your hair may be at. Damaged hair is caused by using heated tools, not using the proper products, too many chemical processes like perms or relaxers, and over-processing hair with lightener or hair color.

      If you chose answers that BEST DESCRIBE your situation(hair history) then you will get accurate results. If your hair is falling out or breaking off and you have not “abused” it then it is not “damaged”.

  17. Jennifer says:

    Nothing in the quiz about thin hair either. I am 40 and have lots of chemical processes in my past from those big hair perms of the 80s to bleaching my hair up to platinum (almost) from a dyed blue-black. I have not done any of that in a few years and all the processes hair is gone. My worry is my thin hair gene (mom has thin hair) has been exacerbated by the chemical treatments I started receiving around 4 years old. I also wonder if something like a beach waves perm would be advisable to add body or am I risking more thinning?
    One last thing, there is a cosmetology school near by and I am familiar with the quality of the brand (Paul Mitchell) but was wondering if that would be a safe option since I am on a tight budget, or should I just save up and get the service from a proper salon next year?

    • Erika says:

      About the damage quiz…
      Whether your hair is thin or thick, curly or straight, etc. does not affect the level of damage or porosity that you may have(that’s why it’s not in the quiz). This quiz is basic, but accurate. It’s impossible to create a quiz that would give you customized results based on your exact situation…but I do take all feedback into consideration and use it to make improvements as necessary 🙂 .

      Everyone’s hair changes throughout life, so if you’re noticing that your hair is thinner(but you don’t neglect it) then it could be hereditary or it could be changing because of the natural stages of the hair. When you go gray, for example, you’ll “lose” your pigmented hairs and they will be replaced by gray hairs. Most people experience thinning just before they start going gray and/or while they are going gray(the time frame differs for everyone). Most people notice that their hair regains thickness over time, so hopefully that’s what you’re going through!

      About getting a beach wave/perm…
      Do you want to get a perm because you’d like to permanently change your hair texture/curl pattern, or are you considering it because you just need a change and your current routine isn’t cutting it? You’re good to go on the perm as long as the hair that was processed multiple times has grown out/been cut off. If you have any color on your hair(especially permanent) it’s just not good to get a perm. Here are some articles on my site that might help:

      Should I Get a Perm?
      Should I Get a Perm if I’m Coloring My Hair?
      Perms with Colored Hair
      Perms with Highlighted Hair
      Perm Alternatives

      About going to a cosmetology school for hair services…
      I went to a Paul Mitchell School, so I think you can definitely trust their Future Professionals with your hair. It’s a great school and the Learning Leaders are there through every step of your service(s). An educator will be there to assist the student during your consultation as well as monitoring your stylist during the service. They will ensure that you are in good hands!

      The prices are very reasonable and the education that Future Professionals receive is exceptional. You can request a “Phase 2” stylist if you prefer someone with more “experience”. Phase 2 Future Professionals are required to apply for the program, but not until they:have reached at least 1,000 hours of study/practice at the school, complete an interview/assessment of skills, hold a high GPA in theory classes, etc. Phase 2 Future Professionals are easy to spot because they are usually located at the front of the salon and they can wear black and white rather than all black.

      Their prices are slightly higher, but still very affordable! Good luck and I hope you’ll give your local school a try!

  18. Katherine says:

    Hi. I’ve dye my hair and bleached it before. I’ve done red. However I’ve done the wash out red. I used the little bottle that came separated. And they would wash out because they were not exactly permanent by itself. However I wouldn’t dye all the time I would wait a while before touching it up. In all I think I’ve dyed it four times with red. And twice for boxed hair dye. But I used the box hair dye like a year ago. Recently I haven’t dyed my hair in two months, and have been massaging my scalp and wait four days to wash so that the greese can take care of my hair naturally. And I know that some progress worked because it’s the time that all colors are starting to show and looked like I have lowlights. Brownish color. I don’t use heat that much. Once in a while. I mostly use moose and just walk out the door after washing it. I massage the conditioner in the shower for about three minutes each time.

    And so I was wondering would it be so horrible if I got a spiral curling perm? I really want it to dry curly after the shower so that I don’t do much to it. However a neighbor told me perms are mostly used for ethnic hair and that it will completely mess up my hair. She works in a solan, but I think she got a wrong impression on my hair type because I had been working all day and my hair was all over the place lol. After I wash it my hair is soft and pretty easy to brush. But I don’t know… It’s a really hard decision because once I do it I can’t go back and I certainly don’t wanna break off my hair. I have short layered hair.

    • Erika says:

      Okay, a few things….first of all…I don’t think you should get a perm because it sounds like you’ve done a lot to your hair. Your neighbor is referring to a different type of perm…a relaxer. Some people call relaxers “perms”. If you’re Caucasian, then a perm is the curly version.

      If your hair is still “soft and pretty” after doing so much to it, then I would leave it alone :). I know that the idea of an easy “scrunch-able” look is enticing, but it rarely turns out the way people think it will. A perm will not give you that awesome natural curly look that you want(I’m assuming that’s what you want).

      Here are a few great references about perms on my site:
      Should I Get a Perm?
      Should I Get a Perm w/ Colored Hair?

      With a short layered haircut you can easily create that look in minutes….literally! If you want a beachy/naturally wavy look then all you need is some texturizing spray and a good waver or the right size curling iron for your hair(you would also need to curl the hair a certain way if you’re not using a waver…tutorial coming soon).

      Here are some suggestions for what to use to create the look:
      Beach Waver

      Sea Spray by John Frieda

  19. Robin says:

    I’m a young 63 and I’m graying at my temple area and top of head near scalp. Haven’t had my highlights done in over 9 months. My hair is below my shoulders, and what use to be my bangs are almost to my chin. My layers have also grown out too. My hair is not thick, but semi fine. I want to get a beach wave perm to put some body in my hair, I rarely use heat styling tools, i.e. flat iron , curling iron, but I do blow dry and have split ends. I use Argan oil on my hair daily. What do you think of me getting a perm?

    • Erika says:


      You should be okay as long as your hair is in good shape(and you don’t plan on coloring it anymore). If you hair was over-processed or lightened many times then the perm could make your hair feel more damaged or tangled).If you choose to get the perm you should get your ends trimmed as well so your hair won’t look frizzy.

      Make sure your hair is trimmed before it is permed! Combing he hair right after a perm can “stretch out” the new curl pattern. It would not eliminate the perm, but it would not have as much body as a fresh perm should.

  20. Paige turner says:

    I put in my email and name but I did not get the results on how damaged my hair is. It looks like it just did not load.

  21. Marty Skalla-Crompton says:

    I have very little grey, but use the ’28 day’ washout stuff (Natural Instincts) to cover it and add a little depth to my color. I am an ash brown natually and stick with a little warmer medium brown as it perks up my skin color. I only need to do it about every 2 months. Are the ‘washout’ semipermanent colors as harsh as permanent color? Your survey doesn’t differentiate between them so are they are as equally damaging as permanent color mixes? Please clarify.

    • Erika says:


      I’m pretty sure that Natural Instincts 28-Day Color isn’t really a “wash out” haircolor. Any color that you have to mix is not going to completely wash out(it just sounds better than saying- “will slowly fade within 28 days). It’s not permanent color, but it has some similarities.

      Pertaining to the quiz….anyone using any haircolor other than a truly temporary color would choose the option for colored hair. What’s important is how often you do it. Both demi-permanent and permanent haircolors open the hair cuticle…one is just a little stronger than the other. Box hair color(permanent or demi-permanent) is also going to be more damaging than salon hair color.

      Here are a few good references for you:
      What is Temporary Hair Color?
      Box Hair Color Facts

      If you take good care of your hair and you’re only coloring it every 2 months then you’re in good shape. As long as you don’t get a perm and don’t overdo it with heated tools then your hair is probably healthy(for colored hair, of course it will not be in the same category as natural hair).

      Also, I think you are using the right shade. As you start to get more gray your hair will look even more cool to neutral and you definitely want to use a warm brown! Your natural ash tones will balance nicely with warm colors.

  22. Kimberley Hearn says:

    I am 58 & box dye my hair. It is very long & I color it darker than my natural color, not by much but I will not have grey! lol. I wanna perm but am a little afraid. I use alot of homemade conditioners & baby it bad. Would a perm be so bad considering that I take such good care of it? Everyone loves my hair, it is half way down my back. I dye auburn, natural is probably a dark brown. Tell me what you think,why do I wanna do it? I so love playing with my hair. Braiding (with conditioners in the braid of course) buns, small braids…you name it.

    • Erika says:

      Do you apply the color on the regrowth only, or do you apply it to all of your hair? If you do apply the color to all of your hair….do you do it every time or just sometimes?

      Permanent hair color and perms are a bad mix whether you use box hair color or go to the salon. I can pretty much guarantee you that your hair will not feel the same. I’ve never done a perm on long, colored hair….only short, colored hair. It’s not as bad with very short hair(the damage is the same), but with short hair you just don’t notice it as much.

      If you go with the perm your hair will be harder to comb and be very dry!

      If you haven’t read my other posts about perms, here are a few additional references:
      Perm Alternatives
      Perms with Colored Hair & Perms with Highlights
      Should I Get a Perm?
      Should I Get a Perm If I’m Coloring My Hair?

      ❤Thanks for reading!

  23. Sue Mims says:

    My stylist uses low volume color and puts on a plastic cap and then under the dryer for about 10 minutes. The color slowly fades but never completely washes out. My hair feels tangled and rough until I condition lightly. Without color I would have about 50 percent gray. Color every two months. My hair is fine and straight and the color gives t some body. I am 6o and thinning some. Is there a better way for me to get some body and fullness? Better color technique or is this okay. The color is rich and pretty brown

    • Erika says:

      Does your color process only for the 10 minutes, or is that just the time under the dryer?

      It sound like a demi-permanent hair color. This type of color does not need to be processed with heat. Most hair color should NEVER be processed with heat, so your stylist either doesn’t know what she is doing….or does it to speed things up. Demi-permanent color should be processed without heat for about 20 minutes(depending on the type).

      Your stylist could also be using heat because your hair is grey, and demi-permanent color does not cover grey well. It’s great for a subtle change and for someone who prefers to come in less often/doesn’t want to see a demarcation line as their hair grows. Still, if this is the reason then it’s not the method that I would choose. I would go about a half a shade darker(for processing purposes,your hair color would turn out the same) and use a level 15 developer instead…no heat.

      The heat could be what’s causing the tangled and rough feeling. That is one of the signs of damage.

  24. Raska wangshol says:

    I have a very thin hair strain and it is naturally straight. Even after washing I never comb because its very silky and I heardly comb. I want to perm my hair its my dream… Do you think I can do it? If so please let me know.

    • Erika says:

      If you don’t color your hair and it’s in great shape, then I think you’re good to go!

      Just make sure that you go to a stylist that’s knowledgeable in perming, and bring photos of the look you want. There are many different types of perm rods and ways to wrap the hair that create various looks.

  25. […] Do those people know if their hair is damaged, or not? Some of them do, but some just think they have frizzy hair…or that it’s just difficult to style.If you’re not sure about your own hair then take my quiz….How Damaged Is My Hair? […]

  26. Rhyanna says:

    My hair is ethnic hair which is why it is slightly tangled when I comb it out , You never asked if hair was naturally straight curly wavy, only if it was relaxed. Also my hair color is only one shade darker but it wasn’t a choice on the quiz.

    • Erika says:

      Your hair would probably be considered “difficult to comb, but not horrible”. The way my quiz is scored, that choice gives little to no “damage” points. Any hair, whether or not it is ethnic is the same in relation to this question.

      I do not ask if your hair is naturally straight, curly, or wavy because that’s your hair type. No matter what your hair type is, the signs of damage will be the same and your hair type will not affect how easily your hair can become damaged.

      I ask if your hair has been relaxed, permed, or colored because those are factors when it comes to damage. All three of those things can cause damage.

      As for the color, you would choose the option “up to 3 levels darker than natural hair color” because your hair is only 1 level darker than your natural color. Having a hair color that is 1-3 levels darker than your natural does not necessarily cause damage. It’s when you have your hair colored and relaxed/permed. For example: if you’ve only colored your hair once (ever) your damage level will not fluctuate if it is 1 level or 3 levels darker. Going much lighter is scored differently on this quiz because that is more damaging than going darker.

      I hope that answers your question! You can try the quiz again to compare results :).

  27. Sophia says:

    See the thing is is that i really dont know what my real hair color is anymore. Almost everytime i dye it its a different color and the amount of time varies between e few weeks to almost 6 months. And i just dont know what to do with my hair, it gets tangled at the ends and idk how to fix it

  28. Erika says:

    Try the new quiz! I added some additional answers and updated the results system. Thank you for your feedback!

  29. […] but it depends on how dark you went, how many times your hair has been processed, the porosity and damage level of your hair, etc. Also, this is not something that should be attempted at home! I’m so sorry […]

  30. says:

    My hair was really damaged last year! I had dry, frizzy hair with several split ends. I started using Nutress Hair Stop-Break shampoo, conditioner, and protein treatment about 5 months ago and I can say that my hair has been looking healthier than ever! For those of you who suffer from damaged hair, I highly recommend their products. Let me know if this helps 🙂

  31. Susan says:

    You porosity quiz needs to have additional choices for answers. For example, my dyed hair color is the same as my natural color – no level changing, no bleach. I use a heat appliance twice a week.

    • Erika Brown says:

      Thanks, I will look into adding some options! Even if you color your hair the same level, it is still a chemical process that can damage your hair. Unless you are using a demi color, which does not oxidize…it only deposits onto the hair.

    • Sara says:

      I agree that you need other options for answers. Your quiz ignores the fact that a lot of us dye our hair darker than our natural color. But all your options are either natural color or lighter versions.

      • Erika says:

        That’s because going darker is most likely not as damaging. It will be very damaging if you try to go lighter after coloring your hair darker.

        No quiz is perfect, I’m sure everyone has taken a quiz online or in a magazine that does not have an option they relate to or that pertains to their situation. In that case, you should choose the best option (maybe I should add that in the directions).

        I will try to update the quiz and consider everyones comments. Perhaps a quiz for each hair type would be better, or a quiz for “people who go blonde”, “people who go darker”, etc.

  32. […] you’re not sure if you’re hair is damaged beyond repair take my quiz- How Damaged Is My Hair?, to find out more about your hair’s […]

  33. […] home.  If you need help assessing the damage level of your hair take this quizlet : How Damaged Is My Hair?  As always, if you’re still not sure and would like a professional […]

  34. Joy says:

    When I first started reading this I was amazed at how concerned the hairstylist was for her clients and how informative and knowledgeable she was. It made me think that the salon I had been going to for yrs. was not up to standards. I have not once ever heard my stylist mention any concerns for my hair nor has she consulted with me to see what would work best.

    I have been highlighting and coloring my hair for the last 10-12 yrs. and it’s ALWAYS been in my local salon, but my hair is still in damaged condition. It is not healthy. It is frizzy, dry and feels rough and tangles easily.

    I am now in my 40’s and I have quite a bit of gray around the forehead section and around the crown area. Even with salon coloring, the color will last “no longer” than 2 weeks, tops! I had grown my hair out for yrs. and just recently I had to chop off around 3 inches of it, because the ends were so “fried.”

    I stumbled upon this web-page because I was searching for a good box hair color, because obviously, I have not been getting what I was paying for. I kept wondering why my hair color did not have staying power, after 2 weeks it is basically gone and I’m left with this piss burnt, brassy blondish-brown yucky, cheap color. It bothers me soooo bad, to the point of wanting to cut it all off or do a Brittany Spears to it.
    I kept thinking that box color might stay on longer. Because I can’t figure out why I seem to be the only person that is having this problem with salon coloring. I am open to any suggestions, ideas and opinions as to what may be happening or going on with my hair.

    • Erika Brown says:

      There are a couple of possibilities as to what’s going on with your hair.

      1. It’s been highlighted so much that it’s basically “empty hair”.
      – Empty hair means that it is nearly translucent. It has been processed so much that it is like a hollow strand…there is nothing for pigment to grab onto. Coloring this hair is like trying to dye a white shirt to dark blue…it’s going to turn out light and bright until it’s been repeated several times. The difference with hair is that it needs to be “filled” when it is over-processed or too light. If I put red on your white-blonde hair it will come out a pinkish color. Filling puts pigment back into the hair before the desired color is used.

      2. The formula was made for normal pigmented hair instead of for gray.
      – I see a lot of stylists get confused when it comes to gray. It takes quite a bit of knowledge or trial and error to get gray coverage that works. If you want a medium-light brown hair color your stylist isn’t going to use the formula for the swatch you chose. It should be adjusted to your percentage of gray. I even use two different formulas on people who have very different types of gray.

      3. Your hair is just over-processed.
      – When dealing with very damaged hair coloring becomes a whole new game. I can’t put an all-over color on damaged hair like I can on healthy hair. It will take differently where the hair is more porous(damaged) than on other areas of the hair strand. Sometimes it will turn out really dark at first (damaged hair grabs color differently), then it can’t hold on to the pigment so it fades fast. You feel like it’s such a huge difference because it’s fading faster and starting out darker than it should.

      I would suggest finding someone that cares in your area. You can call and ask if they offer free color consultations and just go in to chat for 15 minutes. I welcome consultations, I feel that it is my chance to tell you what I can do for you or what won’t work. As a client you owe it to yourself to do this….you should be interviewing your stylist…you are trusting them and paying for a service that you expect to be quality. If you don’t feel comfortable with the stylist after the consultation just say thanks but I don’t think we’re on the same page. Most stylists are either excited to talk to you about your hair because they want to help you….or they are just trying to get it over with because you’re sitting in their chair for free until you agree to LET them color your hair. You will know the difference and that’s how you find a great stylist.

      Lastly, there is no such thing as a “good box color”….if you haven’t yet, you should read my article on box color. I hope that helps and let me know how it goes!

  35. […] you’re not sure if you’re hair is damaged beyond repair take my quiz- How Damaged Is My Hair?, to find out more about your hair’s […]

  36. […] your hair!  If you’re not sure if you’ve got too much damage take this quizlet, “How Damaged Is My Hair?“, to help you figure out if it’s time to lay off the chemicals and start deep […]

  37. […] Keep in mind that I’m not suggesting that you try your own color at home, but simply helping you get some ideas before your color consultation.  If you choose to color your hair at home it’s at your own risk and that’s a big one !  I explain more about this in 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Box Color, it’s better to know before it’s too late!  If it’s already too late then you may want to check out another quizlet: How Damaged Is My Hair? […]

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