There are hundreds of cheesy beauty apps out there! While doing research and testing on which apps to add to the list I was shocked at how many doozies there are!

If you don’t know what you’re looking for you could spend hours looking for something perfect. Listed below are some of the best apps for clients I’ve seen yet from salon finders to style helpers!

Don’t waste your time searching, read more for the best of the best beauty apps!

Pocket Hairstylist

Pocket Hairstylist is available on iPhone & Android devices and is free to download! This is the best tutorial app I have seen for hair…most of the apps make you upload your picture and it puts a style on you. I’m not a huge fan of those because it basically shows you what you’d look like with a wig on!

Makes it easy to find a style!

Here are some of the apps features:

  • Hairstyle Tutorials
  • Photos & Videos for Inspiration
  • Over 50 Tips for Scalp & Hair Health


Aveda My Style

Aveda My Style

Aveda My Style is for those of you that love Aveda products & salons!

It’s free to download on the iPhone only.

It’s a personal style adviser, community bulletin board, and trend tracker all-in-one!



Here are some of the apps features:

  • Aveda Style Gallery by Hair Type- Includes how-to’s and product suggestions for making your style last!
  • Videos by Aveda Pros- Gives step-by-step instructions to create the look you want!
  • The Aveda Hair Advisor- Includes a consultation quiz to help personalize your product regimen!
  • Live Chat with Aveda Experts
  • Sharing Feature for Photos
  • One-Click Access To Aveda- Easily directs you to their site to order products from the app!



Try and color!

This portable “try-it-on studio” gives users a virtual look at how the hottest OPI lacquers appear on their own nails! It puts hundreds of OPI’s best shades right at your fingertips for free.

This app is available to download for the iPhone!

One of the things I love about this app is that OPI has so many colors available but they are rarely all sold in one place!

For example, if you go to ULTA or your local nail salon they will have only a handful of what’s available. With this app you can find your favorite shade of pink and find it easily!


Here are a few features the app has to offer:

  • Adjustable skin tone and nail length
  • Search by color, name, or collection
  • Save shades for later
  • Keep up with OPI news!


More Beaute2

Easy Photo Editor!

Make yourself look more natural and gorgeous!

MoreBeaute is a free photo editing application designed for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

It brightens, lightens your skin tone and smoothes your skin in just 2 easy steps, no make-up skills needed!

Check it out for the iPhone , iPador iPod touch!




Screenshot of Sephora App!

Everyone knows Sephora, and now there’s an app that’s free and is available on the iPhone & iPad!

There is also another version of the app available for Android devices in google play!

It gives you a new kind of digital beauty experience with a customizable product search, how-to video player, and more!

The ability to turn your screen into a side-by-side mirror is one of the coolest features! If you’re into what’s new it connects you to the latest beauty buzz by way of social media and offers real client feedback!

Here are just a handful of features the Sephora app has to offer:

  • Inspired Shopping- Brings you the largest selection of cross-brand beauty products and lets you customize your search by brand, price,  best-selling, ingredients, ratings, color, age, skin type, concerns, & much more!
  • Beauty Insider- Gives you full access to your account info, rewards, past purchases, recommendations, and more!
  • Virtual Mirror- This feature is exclusive to the iPad2. It helps you learn pro looks and try them on yourself!
  • Video Library- Search for how-to videos, discover the latest trends, and see new product demonstrations!


Virtual Nail Salon

Virtual Nail Salon is an exciting tool that allows users to try out real-life nail polish colors, patterns, and rings on their own photo. The developers for this app have spent a long time tweaking it so check out the new features!

It’s free to download for the iPhone & iPad , and Android devices…but all features are not free.



Easily Search by Category!

The ULTA Beauty app is pretty awesome because you get an entire catalog of their products plus savings straight to your phone!

It’s free to download on the iPhone & Android devices!

ULTA also has a rewards card that gives you great coupons for the points that you accumulate! For more information about the ULTA card click here.




Here’s a snippet of the features you’ll get with this app:

  • Buy Products & Get Offers
  • Shop Quickly with Seamless Checkout
  • Search by Category, Brand, Price, & Ratings
  • Access Weekly Ad for New Products, Weekly Deals, & More!

If you’ve found an awesome beauty app please share in the comment section!

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  1. Marsha says:

    Thanks for the great article! I love my iPhone and have tried out lots of beauty apps – you’re right, many of them can be rubbish (and often that’s the free ones). I downloaded one recently which I love called BeautyCraft which I’ve been using to make some fun beauty products at home… bath bombs and body scrubs and stuff. Definitely worth checking out!

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