Guest post by: Erin Waller, National Miss Teen Virginia 2013

Whether your upcoming special occasion or pageant is your first, or one of many…you’ll want to look your best! If you aren’t confident, it will show! Lacking confidence is like wearing an evening gown without makeup. A big step in gaining confidence is always staying true to yourself! Whether your personality is edgy or sweet, you can let it shine through your pageant wear by choosing an evening gown style that’s right for you!

Formal Evening Look

If you’re looking to find the perfect dress for homecoming, prom, or other exciting special occasions then you’ve come to the right place!

Sweet Fashion Styles

Sweetheart Evening Gown

Sweetheart Evening Gown

If your style is sweet, you will want to go for light pastels, simple lines and minimal jewelry.

A good style evening gown for you would most likely be empire or sweetheart!  Pair your gown with simple diamond studs or pearls, a diamond ring and open toe heels.

Enhance your sweet style:

  • Diamonds
  • Pearls
  • Sweetheart Necklines

Glam Fashion Styles

AVON Cocktail Sparkle Ring

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For a glam fashion style, feminine, bright colors such as pink and purple are best!

Open necklines are most complimentary for this look, and are best paired with voluminous or fitted mermaid skirts! Even one without the other can be played up to glam status.

When it comes to jewelry and shoes….sparkle is the key to really making you shine above the rest!

Enhance your glam style:

  • Feminine
  • Dazzling
  • Mermaid Styles

Fun Fashion Styles

Bright Blue Mermaid One Shoulder Gown Dress

Bright Blue Mermaid One Shoulder Gown

For a fun fashion style, bright and colorful gowns are great! Go for bright yellows, blues or greens.

You’ll love the Daffodil Chiffon Gown I found, and it comes in colors your heart wouldn’t imagine!

Mix and match colors with your accessories! Chunky earrings and rings are the perfect compliments to your gown to really make your look memorable and unique.

Enhance your fun style:

  • Bold & Bright
  • Chunky Accessories
  • Mix Colors!

Edgy Fashion Styles

Emerald Mermaid Chiffon Dress

Emerald Mermaid Chiffon Dress

If your style is edgy, you’ll really stand out from the crowd by wearing a dark color gown such as black, red, emerald or royal blue!

Any neckline is great for this style, and cutout sides or an open back keep your look daring! Bold necklaces are perfect for your edgy fashion style, and stiletto heels are a great shoe choice!

Enhance your edgy style:

  • Dark & Daring Shades
  • Statement Heels
  • Open Back

Sassy Fashion Styles

Classic Black Rhinestone Ring

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If sassy describes your style, sharp lines and black and white colors are great!

Mermaid Style gowns are perfect for your look! Rhinestones and sequins are the perfect accessory, along with daring shoes that really help your gown shine!

Enhance your sassy style:

  • Simple & Basic
  • Rhinestones
  • Distinctive Necklines

Whichever look you do choose, just remember that your best accessory is your true original self! Shine bright and have fun! You can find several looks to compliment these styles here!

Guest Post by: Erin Waller, National Miss Teen Virginia 2013

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