mascara-eyelash-wandWith so many brands, colors, and never-ending options makeup has become an obsession for women and teens across the globe…you’ll love my top 5 best mascaras!

It’s so satisfying to buy a new mascara or lip gloss and use it until you realize it’s one month old and must be time to replace :).

Don’t get stuck on one brand or color for more than 6 months. Doing so will help you get rid of the old (possibly bacteria carrying) makeup so your skin will be clearer, your eyes won’t get irritated as easily, and you will of course discover new favorites!

Some of you will ignore me when I say to THROW AWAY the old as you buy new makeup!

Honestly, I am horrible at this and have makeup kits all over my house. The only one that I regularly purge is the kit that I use for weddings and photo shoots.

Finding makeup you forgot about is extremely exciting, but can be harmful to your health and appearance! After a while you forget how old some of it is and may be tempted to use it. Most of you will try to use it unless it’s all dried up….just don’t.

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Listed below are my top 5 picks for mascara this year! Of course, there are several others that I love but I’ll save those for later :). They range from less than $5 to $30 or more, so there’es something for everyone!

Top 5 Best Mascaras


What’s your favorite?


1. Dior Show Backstage by Dior

  • Lengthens Lashes
  • Boosts Curl
  • Thicker Lashes
  • No matter which Dior Mascara you buy, you will love it!

2. Lash Envy Volumizing Mascara by Prescriptives

  • 12+ Hour Wear
  • Boosts Volume up to 200%
  • Featured on
  • I discovered this awesome mascara while shopping at the Cosmetics outlet!  The cashier told me how awesome it is and that it’s somewhat hard to find.  I took her word for it, and she was right…lovely lashes but Prescriptives Mascara is not at every department store makeup counter!

3. BADgal Lash by Benefit Cosmetics

  • Full & Volumous Lashes
  • Glossy Look
  • Elle’s Top 5 List
  • Try it in a sample size or one of Benefits awesome makeup kits!

4.  Mega Effects by Avon

  • “Panoramic” Volume
  • Dense & Dramatic
  • Grabs Every Lash
  • Featured in In Style Magazine
  • For those of you that are hooked on trying the latest and greatest!

5. Great Lash by Maybelline

  • So “waterproof” I could barely get it off!
  • The only drugstore mascara I’d buy again unless it’s an emergency!
  • Conditioning, Lash-Doubling Formula
  • Comes in regular wear and waterproof…my mom’s lifetime favorite!

My top 5 mascaras have slightly changed since I posted this because of friends, free samples, being forgetful, or having a ridiculous urge to try the latest. Check back soon for more great mascaras to try!

Do you have a favorite that’s not listed here?

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