Do you LOVE dry shampoo?  I do, and if you don’t use it….you should!  Dry shampoo can solve a number of hair dilemmas which is why I’m giving away a can of my new favorite!  Just enter below with your preferred social network or e-mail address, it’s that simple :).
Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Dry Shampoo Giveaway


Here are a few reasons why you need dry shampoo:


  • You despise washing your hair daily.
  • Your second day hair looks fabulous and you want it to last one more day!
  • Your hair gets oily with ease and sometimes you have to wash it twice a day.
  • You feel that your color fades too fast because you have to wash it so often.



Dry shampoo can….


1)Make your style last one more day.

2)Give you volume you never had.

3)Freshen up your hair by eliminating oils at the scalp.

4)Make it easy to “freshen up” quickly after work if you have plans!

5)Extend the life of your color….and more!


This giveaway  has ended.  You can get a bottle cheaper than in the salon here!




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5 Responses to Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Giveaway!

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  2. Samantha M says:

    My favorite Paul Mitchell product is the Lite Detangler (my hair gets tangled sooo easily) x

    • Erika Brown says:

      I’m glad to hear someone favorite a detangler! I love it and I feel that everyone has gotten away from basic products that make a huge difference! It will also help to protect your hair from heat and other elements. It’s like a 3-in-1!

      The first Paul Mitchell product I remember using was “The Conditioner” in 4th grade. It’s still a great multi-use product as well!

  3. Cherie Montorio says:

    My favorite is the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.

    • Erika Brown says:

      I love Super Skinny! Have you tried the Super Skinny Relaxing Balm as well? It was launched after Super Skinny Serum as an option for people who need something a little lighter. The Gloss Drops are a thicker version of Super Skinny for hair that’s even more unruly, can’t go wrong!

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