A mini guide to the best eye makeup brushes from Bare Minerals. Which brushes you need daily…and those that are best for special occasions!


Quick Makeup Brush Tips:

1. Clean your makeup brushes regularly to maintain their life and beauty.

You can use Well-Cared For Conditioning Shampoo by Bare Minerals or any gentle shampoo/soap for makeup brush cleansing.

2. Save money by choosing a few versatile brushes and switch colors during makeup application.

This sounds like work, but it’s really not! Use Quick-Change Brush Cleansing Spray to swap colors while applying your makeup!

3. When using a brush to apply mineral eye shadows as liner mix it with some Prime Time Eyelid Primer!

I prefer this method over using water to dampen the brush.  Just put a small amount of primer on the top of your hand and dab the brush in it before dipping in makeup. You can also mix it for a less messy or beginner level use…makes your eyeliner last longer!


Bare Minerals Eye Makeup Brushes

Bare Minerals Eye Makeup Brushes


1. Double-Ended Precision Eye Brush

I use this brush EVERYDAY! If you can buy only one…this is it!

  • Detail & Highlight Liner Shadow – Pointed End
  • Tapered Contour Shadow Brush – Lower Lid Shadow Application
  • $28 on BareEscentuals.com


2. Full Tapered Shadow Brush

This brush is great for full intensity effects with mineral and pressed shadows. As for use in the crease…the effect is more dramatic than the Crease Defining Brush listed below. I don’t use this one on a regular basis, but others may have multiple uses for it.

  • All-Over Lid Brush – Flat & Dome-Shaped
  • Lower Lide & Crease Contour Brush
  • Opaque Coverage
  • $16 on BareEscentuals.com


3. Soft Focus Tapered Liner Brush

I love this brush for cream liners as well as mineral. You can use Bare Minerals Liner/Shadows or regular shadows when wet/dampened. The effect is much softer than using an eye liner pencil and can be dramatic when you want it to! I use this brush about once a week because the Double-Ended Precision Eye Brush serves the same purpose for me…it all depends on the look you’re going for!

  • Shorter brush length than most liner brushes
  • Softer brush material
  • Easier to handle than most liner brushes
  • $16 on Amazon.com


4. Full-Edged Liner Brush

Intermediate to advanced level liner application brush. If you don’t feel comfortable with applying regular eyeliner….I would start with the Soft Focus Tapered Liner Brush before graduating to this one. It’s large size can be hard to handle and control while managing the mineral product on the brush.

  • I prefer to use it wet/damp
  • Angled for creating versatile effects with liner
  • Best with Retro Lounge Liner/Shadow – brown/black
  • Creates the “glam” or “retro” eyeliner look
  • $16 on Amazon.com


5. Eye Shaping Brush

Definitely a daily use brush in my opinion! I use it in the crease starting at the outer corner, then sweep inwards but not past the highest point of the crease. Depending on how dramatic I want my eyes to look I may take it in a tad further. Application should be heaviest at the creases outer corner and diminish as you bring it in.

The brush shown was limited edition and is available most of the time on Amazon.com. Otherwise, you can get the double-ended alternative from their website!

  • Angled Contour Brush
  • $10 on Amazon.com, $28 for Double-Ended version on BareEscentuals.com


6. Eye Defining Brush

The Eye Defining Brush is best for users over the beginner level. If you have smaller eyelids or prefer minimal eye makeup….this brush isn’t the one for you. I use it about once a week or when I’m feeling spontaneous!

  • Exact Detailing & Blending
  • Use in Contour Crease
  • Angled Brush Head for a light or heavy effect
  • $16 on BareEscentuals.com


7. Wet/Dry Shadow Brush

  • Use anywhere on the eye
  • Dry = Softer Looks
  • Dampened = Opaque, Foiled Effect
  • $18 on Bare Escentuals.com


8. Crease Defining Brush

My number two most necessary brush because it blends at the brow bone. When I use darker shadows this brush creates a soft transition to the neutral shadow above the crease! You can’t mess up your eye makeup with this brush….even if you’re not savvy in that department.

  • Define & Blend at the crease
  • Works from any angle
  • Buff Back & Forth – For Best Results
  • $18 on BareEscentuals.com


To browse these products at discounted prices click here to view my suggestions list on Amazon.com. Any discontinued brushes may be found there!

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