Keep your clients needs and requests above your own and you will succeed.


Depending on your outlook you may think one of two things when reading the above statement.  Being positive in everything we do throughout life is one of the major factors to success.  I believe that we get from the universe what we put into it.  So, if you are always negative about work, home life, situations, etc. you will get nothing better in return.  People will look at you in a negative way, situations will impact your life negatively versus positively.  It’s all about attitude….that’s how we create opportunities for ourselves and those around us!


Quality vs. Quantity : Positivity vs. Negativity : Selflessness vs. Selfishness


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Quality in our profession starts with selflessness and having a positive view about the work we do and why.


Providing exceptional service to fewer clients.

Striving to do your best or better

Results in:

Happier, more loyal clientele for life.

Self-satisfaction in your career and pride in your work.

When your clients see the willingness and passion you put into your work they will appreciate you and support you.  You may have a shorter client list….but it will grow even larger than those that think they’re ahead of the game.

Recommendations will POUR in because your clients trust you, they BELIEVE in you, and they feel proud to say you are their stylist!  They will be confident to refer a friend to you…rather than sheepish because they don’t want the blame when the friend gets a bad cut!

“It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and just five minutes to lose it.”

– Warren Buffet, Philanthropist & Investor




Quantity is created over quality when the professional works for selfish reasons or has negative views about their career.


Providing mediocre or “sub-par” service to as many clients as possible.

Doing less than your best.

Results in:

More unsatisfied clients than satisfied and a larger clientele that is unreliable.  They won’t come back as a result of your superior work….they may or may not come back for other reasons: convenience, speed, or their standards may not be as high.

Who wants a clientele that isn’t looking for the best?  If your client doesn’t care if your skills are improved or to their expectations….why should you?  You’d only be working for your own selfish reasons anyways…I don’t see a steady career with longevity in that equation!

Lastly…fewer referrals….or worse….the opposite of referrals!

Of course there will always be more clients out there….but that doesn’t mean they will choose to come to you.  Losing a client because of poor work ethic or not doing your best will end badly…whether it happens now or years later.  I can almost guarantee that if you take shortcuts, fail to further your education, or are more concerned with how many clients you can squeeze in a day…you will lose them because it’s only natural to seek quality in life.

“I’ll just do as many haircuts as possible so I can make twice as much money.  Who cares if I do a good job?  The money is all that matters…I’m not wasting my time on a haircut that won’t make my paycheck bigger”.

– The Quantity-Driven Stylist


To sum it all up….

Don’t let the chance of making more money push your values and compassion for clients to the side!

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