The Life of a Hairdresser…

Well….it’s not always as glamorous as others may perceive it to be. Often I hear, “Oh, it must be such a fun career!”.

Like everything else,  it has its ups and downs….eating hair all day without realizing it isn’t as bad as it sounds!

You Know You're a Hairdresser When...

Get your t-shirt here! has countless tips, resources, and products for stylists. Check out their site for humor and support when you need it! Being a cosmetologist is a long, yet rewarding journey if you keep a few things in mind….

There is always something new to learn and someone there to learn from.

If you are lucky enough to work side-by-side with talented individuals….ask them questions! Those who aren’t willing to teach or share their “secrets” and techniques are not worthy of educating at all.

They will always tell you just enough…if you’re lucky…but never enough to master a skill for fear that you could be better.

I believe in education among peers because we better ourselves by bettering those around us!

Keep your clients needs and requests above your own and you will succeed.

If you can’t do that, then it’s best to refrain from empty promises. If I assure my client after a consultation that she will get the look she desires….that means I am confident in my abilities.

When a stylist chooses to “shortcut” a service in order to take more clients(make more money per hour)….the results are sub-par. That’s only one example of putting your needs before the clients.  When you work hard to satisfy someone else’s wishes it will pay off. You will build lifelong relationships with loyal clients….quality over quantity :).

I believe in being selfless in my life and career because selflessness is contagious….selfishness only repels.

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