Learning from others is one of the easiest ways to grow.

Not only is it free, but absorbing the wisdom of someone you respect, look up to, or relate with can open many doors in life. People are always looking for answers whether they realize it or not….sometimes those answers are right in front of them everyday.

Confessions of a Cosmetologist


Our society is turning into highly connected, yet disconnected world simultaneously. As technology grows and claims to connect lives of the present & past, we become more and more disconnected in person. The internet replaces books, conversation, trips to the library, brainstorming sessions among peers and more.

While there is great value in the resources we have today, I hope that everyone will remember to appreciate and cherish the wisdom of others. Having a conversation with an elder about the past, a colleague about a work experience or a random chat with a passer-by is far more educational than we may realize!




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