It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner
All I can say is….this is THE product to use when you’re at the point of no return! There are lots of great conditioners out there, but this one has covered all bases.

The first time I heard about It’s a 10 was when a fellow student over-processed my hair. Sacrificing my beautiful long hair was a part of her learning process and becoming the stylist she is now. Does that mean it was worth it? Heck no!!!! Not for me anyways. I went through a few years of hating my hair but It’s a 10 got me through it!


She had to cut off 6 inches…or more…I’m still pretty certain that she didn’t tell me the truth about how much was cut off. She gave me the hair mask and said use this, it will help. Ever since I’ve always had a bottle in my cabinet and I use it daily. There have been others to try along the way but they are always found in the back of my cabinet. The backup “misfit” row of products that are for emergencies or less pertinent situations!

If you’re someone that feels products are too much for your hair, get it. If you have damage, in any form…get it. If you think you don’t need to use products because your hair is just that awesome…get it. If you don’t protect your hair with something…it will show signs of damage before long and your “awesome level”  will drop dramatically! Or, if you just don’t like mousses, creams, gels, etc. this is for you…it is a staple for hair just as flour or sugar is for the kitchen!

It’s a 10 has a formula for all hair types:

Original, Light, Plus Keratin, Blondes


Overall Rating:


Multiple Hair Types Versatility:


Ability to Hold Desired Style:


Benefits For Your Hair:



This giveaway has ended…but you can still get your own bottle cheaper than in the salon here:

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

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