Get to the isle without the stress!

I believe that every bride should have the bridal checklist to prevent bridezilla syndrome (unless you are really laid back and just don’t worry much).

I can’t even count how many times I’ve had a bride rush to her hair appointment late spilling orange juice & vodka down her arm.

You don’t have to be a pro at organization or have a wedding planner to keep things going smoothly.

There’s absolutely no reason for stress on your special day so if you make a bridal checklist and follow it….you can stay calm and enjoy getting ready!

The Bridal Checklist


1. Make any appointments needed for that day.


  • Give yourself and your bridal party plenty of time.
  • Make sure you include everyone and decide whether you all want your hair, nails, & makeup done.
  • Bring your veil, hair accessories, or flowers if they need to be incorporated into your style.
  • Wear a button up shirt!


2. Know what you want and how you want it.

  • Bring pictures of your dress and a few hairstyles you like.
  • Make a list of things you don’t like or want for your look.
  • Be open-minded! Your stylist may have some great ideas you haven’t thought of.


3. Determine your “bridal style”.

  • Is your wedding laid back or more sophisticated?
  • What style does your dress portray? The hairstyle you choose should flow with your overall look.
  • For help with finding your bridal style click here.


4. Color your hair 1-2 weeks before the big day.

  • Go to someone you trust and don’t do anything drastic!
  • Get a glaze or deep conditioning treatment if you don’t usually do color. Glazes can beautifully enhance your natural color and it’s dimension, eliminate frizz, make your hair softer, and add intense shine.
  • If you’re not sure who to trust you can click here to find an American Board Certified Haircolorist in your area!


5. Take care of those pesty odds & ends!

  • Wax! Even if you don’t normally do waxing you should at least have your eyebrows, lip, & chin done for a more fresh and flawless look. If you really want to do it up plan to have your legs & brazilian done too!
  • If you’ve got the money and the wedding is at least 6 months away consider laser hair removal for your least favorite spots to shave. What a great wedding present to give yourself!
  • Don’t try a new hair removal method right before your wedding! Test products like Nair on a small and inconspicuous area several months before your wedding festivities begin!


6. Come up with a beauty back up plan.

  • Have alternatives for things like your veil, jewelry, hair accessories, or shoes. If something doesn’t work out the way you thought there’s no need to worry!
  • Pick 3 completely different hairstyles. Even if you have your heart set on one it’s a great idea to have a backup example of your next best pick. Some bridal hair styles work best with particular cuts or textures and you may need to be flexible on the spot!


7. Pack an emergency primp bag!

You may need:

  • Hairspray, deodorant, lotion, mirror compact, gum, & wipes can get you started! 
  • Any makeup for touch-ups. Lip gloss and waterproof mascara are the 2 things most people ask for.
  • Stain stick or wipes, tissues, q-tips, safety pins, & bobby pins are great odds & ends to have on hand!
  • Flip-flops or cute flats for a backup when your feet start hurting.
  • You can also purchase a cute emergency kit all ready to go! Check out these handy ideas on!

Bride Essentials Kit


8. Come up with a list of things you’d like some help with.

  • Give each member of your bridal party something to be in charge of. Large or small, one less thing to stress about i always a plus! It can be anything from making appointments for the bridal party to finding the perfect nail polish!
  • Find a task for the mothers of the bride and groom to do. Most moms want nothing but to help make your day special and we know they love it when we need them for something!


9. Make a list of things you can do BEFORE the big day!

  • For some reason this step is often overlooked, or maybe it’s because most of us always forget that one thing. Hopefully, if you make a list of things to do ahead of time,  it really will be only one thing.
  • Manicures and pedicures can & should be done the day before! Why do people rush from salon to salon the day of their wedding? Thanks to shellac manicures, you can get your nails done one or even a few days before your wedding day. It may even last through your honeymoon!


I hope this checklist will help many brides on their big day! For those of you that are just getting started with wedding plans…I suggest signing up on to help you stay organized. If you’ve got a large bridal party and need to keep things under control….check out The Bridesmaids Checklist!

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