Bridesmaids Survival Kit & Guide

Be there for your Bride!

I know this may sound a little over the top but your bridal party absolutely needs the bridesmaids checklist!

Again, if it’s a laid back wedding then don’t sweat it but if you’re going to flip because someone didn’t bring something then being proactive is the way to go!

The reason I came up with the bridesmaids checklist is because of all the stress that arises from members of bridal parties just worrying about drinking and how they look.

Yes, they are supposed to be there for you and make sure you don’t have to lift a finger but I don’t see that scenario at everyday.

When it’s time to get ready everyone is trying to look hot and let’s face it, last minute worries are on the bottom of their list until the hair & makeup is flawless.

An interesting story about a bridesmaid….

I had a friend bring her bridal party in for hair & makeup at my old salon and it was a total fiasco!  I couldn’t believe that she had such horrible friends and family.

Everyone was texting her, asking her questions, and dumping their problems on her!

I lost it when one of the bridesmaids said that she still didn’t have any shoes and the wedding was in two hours. The bride was so worried and angry because she told them to buy a specific type of shoe months before the wedding. The girl made the situation worse by wanting to drive 30 minutes past(and opposite direction of the wedding) the Payless Shoe Store I suggested to go to Nine West.

The reason I’m sharing this story is because bridesmaids make a commitment when they agree to be in your wedding and they need to hold up to their responsibilities. In a situation like that name brand vs. off brand shoes are no longer a bridesmaids choice!

Maybe a checklist could have helped the situation….

The Bridesmaids Checklist

1. Know your responsibilities.

Take care of the things you’re doing for the bride.

Check with each other and help out those who are too busy or short on cash. Try to remember that just because someone won’t ask doesn’t mean they don’t need a helping hand!

2. Do you! (Before the big day)

If there’s anything you’re putting off picking up do it ahead of time. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times bridesmaids end up scurrying around our shopping center for shoes, earrings, pasties, etc.! I think it’s rude to not be prepared when you have months to do it.

If your bridal party isn’t doing nails and you want yours done go the day before so you won’t interfere with the brides plans.

Pack everything you will need and then some. I always feel that someone will forget something so I pack extras.

3. Double check appointments and arrangements.

If you have a large party it’s easy for things to get mixed up when 1 person makes the appointments.

I’ll hear someone say…

“Yeah, we have like 6 or 7 people that need hair appointments and maybe a few of them need makeup.

I hope this won’t be an inconvenience…so sorry we forgot to mention that when we booked.”

Okay, are you kidding me?

Someone will decide they want something extra and of course there won’t be enough time.

Everyone should double check and make sure they are getting the services they planned for.Sometimes schedules don’t go as planned when everyone is flustered and new things are popping up that need to get done.

You may have thought of something the bride didn’t or notice that she didn’t leave enough time to make it from the nail salon to your hair appointments.

4. Remember that it’s NOT about YOU.

I know this sounds really mean but it’s true. I’m a little tired of seeing bridesmaids freak out about their own issues when the bride is just trying to have fun, relax, and enjoy her appointment.

Of course, everyone wants to look pretty that day but the only one that can complain about not looking perfect is the bride.

If you don’t like how high or low or curly your updo is then that’s too bad.  As long as you don’t look a hot mess then get over it and remember that this is not your day.

5. You probably need an emergency kit too!

Even though it’s more about the bride you still need an emergency bag of some sort! Whether it’s for you or to help the bride someone will need something!

I’d suggest packing mostly the same as a the bridal kit and a protein bar or too is always a good idea.

If you don’t have time or you want a super cute bridal kit you can check those out here on!


Bridesmaid’s Survival Kit
“It keeps the wedding party going!”

Hopefully this list will help everyone keep it together and remember that it’s all about making the bride’s day special. If you’re a bridesmaid and you think the bride could use something to stay on track check out The Bridal Checklist!

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