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Primer is probably not something you are concerned with unless you’re in the cosmetology field or your makeup is very important to you (and making it last, of course)…but you’re going to love my top 5 best makeup primers!

My makeup instructor taught us all about why it’s important and how to use it, but I didn’t get into regularly applying primer until I got my first Bare Minerals Starter Kit. I know, there are a few products that I should be thanking Bare Minerals for the introduction!

To put it simply…you should use primer if you need to balance out your skin tone, use mineral makeup, or just want your look to last well past lunchtime.

I don’t put it on everyday, but some of you will never want to live without it once you see the difference!

Eyelid primer is also a very handy product if you’re someone that ends up with eye makeup in the creases of your lid and nowhere else(literally) by the time you leave work.

You know who you are….you can’t stand the surprise of how well your eyeshadow disappears in the same spots everyday…or lack of surprise!

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Here are my top 5 picks for makeup primer this year! Of course, there are a few others that I love, but I’ll save those for later. The type of primer you use is determined by your skin issues(if any), what kind of makeup you use, and how long you expect it to look flawless. If you’re not sure which one is best for you please message me here for advice!


Top 5 Best Makeup Primers


What’s your favorite?

1. That Gal by Benefit Cosmetics

  • Brightens your complexion
  • Wear alone or under makeup
  • Raspberry & Chamomile soothes skin
  • This primer is perfect for an even-looking skin tone that doesn’t need a lot of color correction and works best on fair to medium complexions! If you’re someone who likes to try products before taking the plunge you’ll love the Confessions of a Concealaholic kit by Benefit!

2. Prime Time by Bare Escentuals

  • You won’t even know it’s there!
  • Minimizes pores, lines, texture, dryness & more
  • Mineral-infused and preservative-free
  • Great for all skin types

Available in:

3. Prep + Prime by M·A·C

  • Calms and soothes skin
  • Minimizes oil
  • Reduces redness
  • Formulated with special-effect silicone and SPF
  • For those of you that are serious about makeup….and even more serious about M·A·C makeup! Prep + Prime is the ultimate all-in-one to make your look last!

4. Color Correcting Primer by Pür Minerals

  • Creates a flawless makeup canvas
  • Lightweight and silky feel
  • Vegan friendly, gluten and paraben-free

Available in:

5. Primed & Poreless by Too Faced

  • Achieve a flawless look without makeup
  • Formulated with Retinol, Vitamins A & C, & Mulberry Extract
  • Hydrates, firms and detoxifies
  • They’re not kidding when they promise an air-brushed look that erases the appearance of your pores! This primer is perfect for you if your makeup seems to emphasize every pore, crack, and crevice on your face. Are you a makeup kit-a-holic? Try this Top 5 Darlings Kit by Beauty Editors for doing a test run with their primer!

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Do you have a favorite that’s not listed here?

Please share in the comment section!

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