Taylor Swift PermPerms are coming back!  One sure sign is the HUGE amount of e-mails I’ve been getting about perms. Should I get a perm with thin hair? Should I get a perm with short hair? What’s the difference in a spiral perm and a regular perm? HELP….I just got a perm two days ago and now it’s gone! Chemicals and hair are a mysterious and complex world all on their own…every situation is different.

Below is a question I got from one of my readers along with my response. If your situation is different…even a tiny bit…please message me here or on facebook! In my response you will get an idea of the type of questions I would ask during a consultation for a perm. I hope that everyone can use this information to make the right decision or choose a stylist that will care for your hair just as much as you do!


Please help!
Okay so I just recently started reading your blog because I found your should I get a perm post and I really want one!! But my issue is that my hair is dark (in the process of growing out all my previous color) and my hair is short and I want it shorter, I love the curly mini fro look and I’ve always wanted curly hair but I love dying my hair different bright colors and I’m scared that even demis or semis won’t take in my hair even a little  🙂 help please!


If you can relate to her questions and concerns then you are not alone! I chose this example because she is like many of us…we want to do it all! For some it’s just a phase, and for others change is necessary throughout their life. One thing is certain…no one should look the same in one 10 or 20 year span…not even 5 years! You don’t have to go drastic, but a little change doesn’t hurt…if you love big change make sure you do it right!

Please keep in mind that I may not always be able to give the magic answer with the information given. Sometimes I need more- like photos, your recent hair history depending on length, and a little more about you, your career, and your lifestyle to give the best advice possible. If you ask nicely I may even do a mini consultation via Skype 🙂

Here is my response:

Hi Juana!

It sounds like you are in that phase of wanting to change and do a lot with your hair. Can you message me a photo of your hair, overall, close-up, and ends close-up? How does it feel compared to before you started coloring it? Also…is your hair naturally dark? Is there hair that has been bleached then colored? Even if it was a long time ago that’s a big factor that causes breakage and “mush” because most people forget to mention it to their stylist. So…if your mid-shaft to ends(2 or more inches because 1-2 can be trimmed without missing it) has been processed multiple times then it’s not a good idea to perm unless you are doing a huge cut!

If your hair is naturally dark then you more than likely have to lighten your hair first with lightener(bleach…ugh we’re not supposed to use that word but it’s more easily interpreted as damaging) to get those bright colors. The demi-colors aren’t what do the damage…it’s the process to get there. Another thing to remember is that lightening, perming, and multiple processing can be done(not necessarily in the same appointment) if it’s done the right way and by someone highly educated/experienced on the processes and makeup of the hair. I think you need a good mini consultation to get to the root(haha) of what you really want to do with your hair and what you would like best long term. Sometimes we just love change…so we think of all the things we would love to do and it turns into a big mess. Please send your photos to me through my Facebook page or to my e-mail. After that, we will do a mini consultation and come up with something perfect for your hair-scenario!


If you would like some more tips check out this post… Should I Get A Perm? … or take my Perm Quiz to find out if you should get a perm!

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