Blake Lively Messy Dirty HairIt seems like there is always a crazy new hair trend to follow or “DIY” method to fixing beauty problems, but this one is not on the top of my list of things to try.

How much would someone have to pay me to NOT wash my hair for 6 months? If you’re like me there’s no price high enough!

Who would do something like that to themselves?

There are worse things that can happen, but not shampooing your hair for even a month will turn your world upside-down. Guaranteed.


Here is a short list of my initial thoughts about what would happen if I stopped shampooing my hair(experimental purposes or not):

  • Everyone will wonder about your personal hygiene and why it did a total 180 since they last saw you.
  • Even if you shower and you’re “clean” the hair on your head will scream…”I haven’t showered in days, steer clear.”.
  • Your appearance will take a plunge…turning into a downward spiral that makeup cannot correct.
  • Along with that your confidence will slowly get pulled along with it (call me harsh, but no one feels good with grimey hair).
  • You won’t want to touch your own head.
  • You will have to wash your pillow cases several times a week because you can’t stand the smell.
  • You may have to buy new pillowcases…make that a few for back-ups.
  • Your spot on the couch is now “yours”…really…no one will want their head to touch that spot(if they are hygiene-conscious).
  • Your forehead will probably get greasier and you will just feel dirty.
  • I have more, but there are just too many to mention! Leave yours in the comment section!
No Shampoo Experiment

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I’ve experienced changes in my own hair and witnessed some interesting changes in my clients, but doing this to yourself on purpose is just nuts. I believe that some people shampoo too often which strips the oils and their scalp goes into over-drive trying to replace it. In my opinion, it doesn’t take 6 months to correct the issue.

If you’re someone that feels the need to shampoo twice a day or must shampoo everyday(with the exception of men) then slowly changing your habits will do the trick. Force yourself to skip a day, replace conditioner with a light leave-in on the ends after your shower, and keep your hands out of your hair while you’re working. Small changes like these can balance your natural oil production over time.

If you feel compelled to try the 6 month no shampoo challenge…please do! PLEASE don’t forget to report back about your experience(preferably with photos) and how long you lasted! Who doesn’t love the smell of baking soda and vinegar?  It’s cheap and it might just work…

The “No Shampoo” Experiment


Are you someone that has tried the “no shampoo” challenge? Even if you didn’t go the whole 6 months…how long did you last? Did you use other at-home products in your hair, or did you just wing it with water? Everyone’s probably just as curious as I am…leave your story in the comments section!

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