We’ve all had to learn from experience when it comes to shaving, but hopefully these shaving secrets from my personal experiences will help you avoid those shaving mishaps before they happen!

Yes, everything in this post was inspired by my very own memories of shaving- what worked and what didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I still make mistakes when I’m in a hurry and I tell myself that it won’t matter, but it always does(especially if you have sensitive skin or very coarse/thick hair).

Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford laser hair removal, but until then…

12 Secrets to Shaving

1. Never shave right before you go to the beach or get in salt water!

12-Secrets-to-ShavingI’m pretty sure all of us have experienced the horrible burning sensation when you first hop in the water at the beach.

You thought you were bikini ready, because you just shaved…until you take a dip.

My first thought is usually, “Oh no, am I going to come out of the water looking like I have a rash? Will the burning stop soon?!”.

It goes away eventually, but the feeling of your skin is different from when you’re legs haven’t just been shaved hours prior to going to the beach.

Are you someone that has to shave that day because you’re leg hair comes back way too fast? Don’t worry…

Give your pores time to close and make sure you use a new blade. This will help with a cleaner shave and much less skin irritation. Also, use shaving cream and if you don’t have any you can at least lather really well and make sure your razor stays wet and with warm water.

I’m not guaranteeing that your legs won’t still burn a bit, but at least you can try and it won’t be as bad as the alternative!

2. Replace your razor or razor blade on time!


I know all of you stretch it like I do, because no one likes buying razor blades. Just do it.

Dull blades cause the worst razor burn because they rip through the hair instead of briskly sweeping it away in one clean swipe. It irritates your skin and the hair follicle, causing at least a week of discomfort!

Razor blades are expensive, I know. I typically use disposable razors now because I find them more convenient than an actual razor with cartridges(but I have to buy the nice ones). If I do use a regular razor I just end up throwing it away and buying a new one instead of a pack of replacement cartridges because it’s cheaper, but that feels wasteful!

I’ve never tried the shaving club subscription boxes, but that’s another great option!

Here are a few I found that look legit:

3. Shave at the end of your shower or bath.

Have you ever realized that you want to wear a skirt, but haven’t shaved in a few days…and there’s no time?! Not only is there no time to come up with another outfit option, but time to shave your legs the proper way is questionable.

So, you splash some water and soap  on your legs really quick while hanging over the tub and settle for the quick shave. This NEVER turns out well! It’s the same when you shave immediately after you hop in the shower…it just won’t turn out like you hoped.

Sometimes I’d rather just get the shaving over with so I can enjoy my shower, but it’s much better to wait til the end. At least 10 minutes in the shower or a hot bath will soften the hair and open your skins pores. Plus, who wants to soak in a soapy tub full of little pieces of hair? Ewww…

4. The back of your thighs give you trouble? Shave them in the shape of a “†” to get all of it.

For some, shaving their thighs is of no concern…literally. I know plenty of women that have never shaved their legs from the knee up. Depending on your hair color, coarseness, and thickness, this may or not be acceptable.

In my opinion, if you shave your bikini area and your leg from the knee down then why the heck would you skip the area in-between? If you don’t shave your bikini area then it’s understandable that your thighs are not shaved either, but expect some looks if you’re hair is darker than a translucent baby blonde.

The reason for shaving your thighs in one direction and then the other is because most women have an irregular hair pattern on the back of their thigh. This tip doesn’t apply to the front of the thigh…so please don’t take the extra time there!

If you have that oddly circular hair pattern on the back of your thigh then this tip is definitely for you! I think of it as a cowlick because that’s exactly what it looks like!

5. Don’t forget that little spot on your front upper thigh.

Bikini LineIt’s not the bikini line, and it’s where most people stop when shaving their thigh(not purposefully).

You know, that dreaded moment at the pool when you realize you missed a very noticeable spot!

Not only did you miss it when you last shaved, but most likely it was missed a few times!

6. Razor burn….ugh.

Don’t use cheap razors, don’t shave dry, and don’t shave your bikini line right before wearing a tight bottom or undies.

It WILL rub and look nasty!

Wear some boy shorts bottoms or a sarong if you must because nobody wants to see your red, irritated, bumpy bikini line!

7. Razor burn…use No Bump!


Make it a daily routine just like washing your face and it will make a huge difference! Don’t buy that cheap-o pink gel at Walmart because it won’t do the trick(I think it’s bikini shave gel). I got a free sample of it years ago and you don’t want to know how long it stayed in my shower…or if it’s still there.

Use a cotton ball to apply No Bump to problem areas everyday or after you shave. For best results, treat the skin with No Bump for a few days prior to shaving.

It will tingle/kinda burn for a slight second but it’s worth it…beauty is pain right?

8. Use a separate razor for your legs and bikini area


There are several reasons and all of them will bore you. If you don’t already have two razors you will understand when you make the change.

I get my bikini shavers at the dollar tree (unbelievable I know but they are not knock off brand!). They’re made by Noxzema and come in a pack of 3!

I don’t know why, but these razors work SO much better than regular razors(and it’s not just because they’re smaller). I always regret using a regular razor when I run out of these!


These razors are somewhat hard to find now. I buy them on Amazon because I haven’t seen them in the dollar store for a long time. Also, there is another version that’s called a “bikini shaver and trimmer”. It looks very similar, but it is not the same!

9. Stop being cheap about shaving cream.

I know, it’s just easier to use your loofah and shower gel.

If you’re like me you shower from head-to-toe and by the time you get to your legs there aren’t many suds left. But, you get lazy and use what’s there because reapplying the body wash on your loofah is yet another step to add to the list of things women have to do in the shower.

If you’re clever with coupons you can get skintimate shave gel for free or 50¢! I stocked up and haven’t bought any in about 2 years.

You can also get a box subscription for shaving cream. This is a great option for people who get lazy when they run out, or are just too busy to go shopping. Another perk- if you have the means to order it, and you do…then you’re absolutely going to use it if it’s getting dropped off at your door on a regular basis!

Here are a few shaving cream subscriptions I found that look like a pretty good deal:


Or, use hair conditioner instead!

It leaves your legs pretty darn smooth and I like to think that it helps soften the hair for easier shaving and less irritation (especially with regular use). Please don’t use your “good” conditioner from the salon! A $1 bottle of Suave is perfect…this is the ONLY time I will EVER suggest that you purchase a Suave product!


I’ve been using coconut oil in my bath and for shaving for about 2 years now(today is New Years’ Eve 2019)! You can read about it in one of my recent posts here.

10. Men’s razors are the bomb!


Unless you have very fine leg hair…normally blondes…you must try shaving with a men’s razor! I like the Gillette Mach 3 because it’s nice but basic. My women’s razor favorite is the Venus, but I usually get the disposables.

Every time I buy an actual razor with cartridges I never buy the replacements because it’s the same price to get a new razor! I know I’m not the only one…my bottom bathroom drawer holds a plethora of cool razors with no blades that I may never use again.

11. Razors that are EXTRA AF, but worth it!


The razors with blades that have built in soap are cool. Yea, I had to see what all of the hype was about when they came out. It took a while because I thought it was really dumb, but it works and makes shaving easier.

The drawbacks for me were that the soap diminishes quickly(just a way for them to make you change your blade a lot) and that it’s not as close of a shave as some other razors.

If you like this type of razor it may be more cost-effective to use the disposable version. I prefer disposables with this type because they are not near as bulky and I feel like I get a closer shave.

My favorites are the Venus Spa Breeze (there’s also one with Olay moisturizers) and the Schick Hydro Silk (less moisturizer than the Venus).

12. Quit playing around with those two blade cheap-o razors.

You are only going to tear up your skin, bleed a little(or a lot), and give yourself a higher chance if getting an infection! I know that the disposable generic razors come with 5 or more for the same price as the Venus 3-pack…it’s not worth it because you will hate those cheap razors and will probably never use more than one of them!

Do you have your own shaving secrets?

Please share them in the comment section! Remember that everyone is different and some of these tips may or may not work for your hair & skin type.

Lastly, never share a razor with anyone! They are an easy and unsuspected way of sharing germs or diseases…and that goes for your mascara as well!

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12 Responses to 12 Secrets to Shaving

  1. Leanna says:

    I tell you what I have tried everything. I got a tid bit from Pinterest about tea tree oil. I tried it today. After I got done shaving I was on fire. On top of everything else red and irritated. I rubbed it on my thighs and my bikini area in an hour it was healed, no itching and burning. The smell is loud but clean and finally after 30 years of embarrassment I’m happy about shaving.

    • Erika says:

      That’s awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your beauty tip with everyone!

      I’ve tried a lot of products, but the good ones are expensive. Another thing is that a lot of people want all-natural/organic/chemical free beauty products these days.

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  4. Brit Bax says:

    My husband and I both have our own safety razor. They are about 30.00 on amazon but the blades are very cheap. You do have to be careful but they cause much less irritation than those 4-5 blade razors. 1 blade equals only 1 scrape across your skin. It’s very sharp. We have found Feather blades to be the best. I have very coarse hair and it’s the only way I can shave without having razor burn. Believe me, I’ve tried everything.

    • Erika says:

      I saw the safety razors and I wasn’t convinced to try one. I’m glad you shared because I have similar problems as well as thousands of other women out there!

  5. sara palin says:

    I buy the cheaper quad blade from the dollar store and i use it on my legs and even the sensitive areas and they work great. however to avoid infection i sanitize it with rubbing alcohol also the best time to shave is at nite not in the morning because your less swollen.

    • Erika Brown says:

      Well, you are one of the few. I don’t know anyone that uses those razors and likes the outcome. Some teens can use them or people with blonde/very fine hair.

      Where did you get that information? I disagree with you about being less swollen at night. It can vary from person to person and depends on your lifestyle. It may be better at night if you relax in the evening and/or have a desk job. For people who stand on their feet all day….the best time to shave would be in the morning….based on your theory.

      Also, I don’t know anyone that sanitizes their razor blades with rubbing alcohol. This would apply if you’re using someone else’s razor, or if you’re getting cut from using a cheap razor. Using something quality eliminates the need to sanitize your own razor.

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  8. Jessica says:

    I recently found this amazing product on Kickstarter to help with shaving too! It’s perfect for those times you leave the house and realize you missed a spot….http://bit.ly/1p1AnhW

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