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6 Secrets to Longer Lashes via NewBeauty.com

Longer, thicker, and clump-free lashes are on every females’ wish list. Although it may be effortless for some of you, the rest of us have to make an effort to emphasize our eyes on a daily basis.

The busier I get I spend less time on my makeup, but the time must be spent for parties or special events!

We cannot let the fast pace of life get in the way of always looking and feeling fabulous.

I check out what’s fresh on New Beauty from time to time and I came across this great slideshow. Some of their tips are for everyday, and some are only for special occasions(like false eyelashes…ain’t nobody got time for that!). You can also check out this post on the Top 5 Best Mascaras for more!

Long.  Full.  Dark.  These three words describe how nearly every woman wishes her lashes would look.  But, as we age, they become shorter, thinner and lighter in color than they used to be—luckily there are easy ways to fix your lashes fast for a more voluminous look!

Click here to read more and view the slideshow for 6 Secrets to Longer Lashes!


I know that lots of my readers haven’t discovered the New Beauty magazine yet, so I will be sharing some of the best tips from their site! They also have an awesome magazine app that you can download here. Don’t forget to enter to win every day in their 365 days of beauty giveaway!

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