How to Contour Your Face Shape

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I think most of you will agree when I say that your facial shape is of no concern when applying makeup in the morning. You’re not alone if you don’t know what your face shape is…and that’s okay because this video will help you figure it out!

Everyone unintentionally contours their face shape in some way when applying makeup, but it may not me the correct way.

If you take the time to highlight your cheekbones and apply bronzer in the right places(not just all over your whole face and neck), then that’s a great start!

If you need help figuring out what your face shape is click here to message me for help!

How to Contour Your Face Shape

All contouring techniques are not created equal.

Any makeup artist will tell you that your face shape will make a big difference in determining what type of shading and highlighting you need.

To find out the best ways to contour the most difficult shapes (square, round, and heart) we brought in co-founder and makeup artist for

W3LL PEOPLE, Shirley Pinkson.

Click here to watch the video on How to Contour Your Face Shape!

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