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Not sure how to brighten up your look this winter? In the wintery months our skin, hair, & nails can start looking dull, and most of the time it hits me like a ton of bricks! The changing of seasons can take a huge toll on your appearance, and it’s not just the lack of vitamin D and glowing skin.

I start noticing the need to use hand lotion daily, lip balm instead of lipstick, and that’s just a the beginning!

Now that I’m in my mid 20’s I think more about how to get a glowing look on a budget and still avoid tanning beds. Hopefully your’re all with me on this, don’t settle for the winter blues and hibernate until spring break! Get glowing and have a great time with or without the sunshine!

In this post I’ve put together a list of tips that I like to use in the winter as well as some advice from friends and coworkers. If you have any great tips of your own please feel free to share!

How to Brighten Up Your Look This Winter

1. Glowing Skin….Without the Beach!

I used to hate sunless tanners and only used them in the dead of winter when tanning beds weren’t an option. They’ve come a long way over the years and unless you mess up those orange streaks are history!

The trick is finding one that you like and is easy for you to use.

Let me also say that I am not totally against tanning beds. I used to go religiously in the winter and that’s just not practical. I will go a few times a month if I have time just to feel the warmth and give my skin a little hope. I like to use Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion by L’Oréal or Island Radiance Self Tanner by Hawaiin Tropic…they’re easy to use and streak-free!

As for spray tanning….the booth is a cold nightmare and I feel that I can’t breath for several minutes without filling my lungs with tanning solution. It’s expensive and the experience is far from pleasant, and if you can handle that…the 24 hours after that you have to wait to shower is spent feeling sticky and smelling worse than a bottle of self-tanner!

2. Rejuvenate Your Lips


Tarte Marajuca Lip Exfoliant- My most recent favorite!

Taking care of your lips is important year round but it’s especially necessary in the winter.

It’s so easy to wake up with chapped lips or get wind burn and suffer with Blistex as your best friend for a week.

I like to exfoliate my lips a few times a month and follow up with a decent lip moisturizer.

It’s not always pleasant depending on how sensitive you are but you get used to it and your lips will feel great.

Here are a few tips for your lips:

  • Exfoliate– There are lots of great products out there for exfoliating your lips. I like BITE’s Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub from Sephora and Fabulips 4-Step Kit by Bliss. Both will leave your lips feeling soft & renewed!
  • Moisturize– I feel that there are so many lip moisturizers out there that I could never try them all! I used to be obsessed with trying new chapsticks or glosses and not I stick to my favorites that work! My choice for the best moisturized lips is All About Lips by Clinique. It’s a really awesome product and worth the $22, plus it lasts. There’s no residue, and it doesn’t leave a feeling like you’ve just put on a fresh coat of wax. It comes in a pump form and leaves your lips feeling unbelievably silky!

3. Skip “No Shave November”…

I’ll admit I even caved on this one for a week or so and we all do it in the winter. Who’s going to see your leg hair in public? No one…so why get rid of it? Not exactly…

I’m now seeing that idea to be a bad one…not shaving your legs makes it that much easier to let go of everything else! If you don’t enjoy shaving look for other alternatives and find what works for you!

When we shave we feel pretty, clean, and the smooth part is a plus too.

Hopefully most of you agree that shaving your underarms is NOT in the “no shave” category! I figured, while we’re on the subject, it doesn’t hurt to mention the reasons why this is just gross.

First of all…whether you’re single, married, live with family, or room mates…it’s not pleasant for anyone to see a girl with hairy pits! Not only is it unattractive, but you’re more likely to smell when you sweat and get “armpit lint”I’ve never let it go that long but I’m assuming that winter sweaters mixed with underarm stubble and deodorant could create something worse than your belly button’s hidden treasures!

Secondly…most women skip it because shaving is a hassle. You get “chub rub”, stubble, razor burn, razor blades are expensive, and I can probably think of 10 more reasons why we all avoid it. It’s time to accept the fact that shaving regularly is part of being a woman, and it’s not that bad. It could be worse…here’s 12 Secrets to Shaving to help you out!

Here are a few hair removal tips:

  • Shave with a quality razor! I know, they are more expensive but it is soooo worth it! I suffered for years with disposables and I was only making it harder on myself. I would buy a good one from time to time but never get replacement blades because they cost a fortune! Good razors will get a closer, smoother shave that lasts longer. Last year i discovered the blade buddy, it fine tunes your razor blades after each use and can stretch one blade for a month or so!
  • Try hair removal lotions. I steered clear of Nair Hair Remover for a long time for one reason…I tried it in high school and NO ONE has a good experience with any type of hair removal the first time! I can remember it burning like hell and that’s probably because I had recently shaved and was curious to see what happened. One of my coworkers told me that her mom uses Nair for EVERYTHING and it works like a charm…that’s enough for me to try it again. You can also try Simply Smooth Hair Remover by Sally Hansen!
  • Get waxed… even if you’re scared. I know this is a toughie and I’m pretty sure that lots of women avoid waxing large areas for years because it doesn’t sound appealing. Think back to when you go your first eyebrow or lip wax…it hurt pretty bad…but now you go in there and take it like a champ! The more you do it the more your body gets used to it. The first time you shock the hair follicle, it will hurt, but it gets easier and easier each time. If you’re willing to try waxing…you get a pass to enjoy No Shave November…that’s a great time to grow out the desired areas and get waxed!
  • Use lotion after every shave. Using lotion will moisturize your dried out winter skin and create a much smoother feel. With consistent use your hair will slowly get more and more soft. You can buy special lotions for this but it’s not necessary. The most important thing is using lotion daily no matter what!

4. Change Your Makeup Routine

Unless you’re darker complected or very fair skinned you may want to think about slightly altering your makeup routine with the change of seasons. I have two different foundations…one for when I have a tan and one for when I don’t. Some people think that using a darker shade in the winter will make up for the lack of sunshine but it doesn’t quite work that way. Use foundation that matches your skin and add a little blush or bronzer where you need it. This will give you a healthy winter glow without the obviously lighter neck and hairline!

Here are a few tips for improving your look:

  • Tinted Moisturizer– My absolute favorite tip for a better complexion any time of year! I use Oil of Olay Definity Color Recapture and it’s the one thing I can’t live without. Most people think of anti-aging when they see this product line, and that’s one great benefit but no matter what your age is this lotion will revive your look. It gives your skin an even tone while blending in spots and blemishes before you put your makeup on. It’s also great for days when you don’t feel like wearing any makeup! It comes in three shades so it’s easy to pick which one will work best for you!
  • Blush– Most of us don’t wear blush in the summer because we have a healthy glow and we’re going to the beach! It will help to add definition to your face and accentuate your cheek bones! When I do wear blush in the summer I wear “Papaya” by Bare Minerals but always feel that I need to switch in the winter. The other shade is too summery so muting it down is always a plus. My favorite winter shade is “So Fab”…by Bare Minerals of course :).
  • Tinted Chapstick– Let’s face it, in the wintertime gloss or lipstick doesn’t always cut it. In fact, it can sometimes make matters worse. No one likes a crusting piece of skin that shines in the light hanging off their lip. If plain chapstick doesn’t do it for you try a tinted moisturizer…I like Tinted Lip Balm by Burt’s Bees and Revitalizing Lip Balm by Neutrogena .

5. Don’t Settle For Dry Hair

There’s something awesome about summertime that makes everyone’s hair and skin look awesome(besides the sun!). My theory is that we all drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies during the summer then revert to comfort foods in the winter. What a shock to your system! Mashed potatoes and sugar cookies will not contribute to a healthy glow, but it will probably add a few pounds! There’s not a whole lot you can do about it unless you’ve got a lot of will power so here’s a few tips for winter:

  • If you start to notice your skin and hair getting a little dull think about what you’ve been eating. Already eating healthy? Then you need to try the next tip, but if you’re eating more of those winter comfort foods then just try and add in a little more of the healthy stuff. I like to make cucumber salad and eat watermelon all year long! Pick your favorites to get the nutrients! Read my post for more tips: Eating for Your Skin and More!
  • Purify and Deep Condition your hair seasonally. You don’t have to get a clarifying treatment but it’s a good idea to grab a bottle of clarifying shampoo and use it once a month. This will get rid of any build up your hair accumulates and give you a fresh start. It’s best when followed with a deep conditioner which I also recommend once a week or more depending on how dry your hair is. I like Clarifying Shampoo Three by Paul Mitchell(smells like candy & summer!)  and It’s a Ten Leave in Mask!
  • Take vitamins regularly if you don’t already. Vitamins are important, especially for those of us who have trouble keeping our diet balanced everyday. Your body needs the missing vitamins that gravy doesn’t give! You can add Biotin and Vitamin E(please consult with your doctor first) supplements for an extra boost to help your hair and skin!

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