the-clean-food-dietEating clean has been really popular lately and I see it mentioned so much on social media or in conversation with friends. What’s silly to me is that it’s not “new” news. Everyone knows that clean eating is the way to go. Most people just don’t because it’s not as easy in our culture compared to our other options.

I’m all about having a breakfast bar or shake in the morning, taking a Lean Cuisine for lunch, and maybe making dinner fresh.

My boyfriend is lucky if I make dinner without some type of “prepared” ingredient. He’s okay with that…as most men are, but both of us know that it’s not the healthiest and best we can do for our bodies.

Something else that makes not eating clean easier….I love to coupon! It’s awesome, and some would even consider it a rush! The only way I can get coupons for veggies is if they are frozen or I spend a lot at the grocery store to collect register coupons.

Even if you do that, it’s only a few dollars here and there. Buying organic and fresh foods will never cost me$30 less because I’m savvy. It’s expensive and we must pay the price because we know that it’s good for us…and it’s worth it.

Most health nuts will have an answer to every argument…and I can agree with most of them. Choosing to be vegan or vegetarian is different though. I consider that a personal choice that is neither right or wrong.

So…you say that buying fresh and organic foods is too expensive? How about spending your Starbuck’s budget on groceries instead? -Anonymous Health Nut

I could keep going with the reasons why it’s easy for us to not eat clean and the reasons why those that already do will have to convince you to change your lifestyle.

But…we don’t have time for that. I’ve thought about trying the 30 Day Eat Clean Challenge and have done a juicing fast in the past. Both are effective at jump-starting your health, and both require some type of guide that’s easy to follow.

Eating-Clean-Diet-E-BookYou don’t have to pick a program or a plan. If that’s too much for you, here’s my next suggestion. Pick a recipe or two per week this month and try it. If you have time…try a few more.

Don’t overwhelm yourself like I have in the past and burn out before you have a chance to experience the benefits. I have a salon, I’m a real estate agent, I have friends & family to spend time with, I have hobbies, I have cleaning to do…I definitely do not have time to prepare everything fresh for every meal. Some of you probably think I’m crazy because you’ve got kids and you don’t have half the free time that I do (or don’t) have!

If we make good decisions here and there, we will start to notice our lives change right before our eyes. This e-book is a great way to start trying new recipes. I used to look at clean or really healthy eating as a huge hurdle because I didn’t know how to prepare really great meals without butter, cheese, and all of the above!

The key is to learn how to make food that tastes great without your old habits. If you’ve got a great recipe or book that’s helped you learn how to eat clean, please share in the comment section!

I would also love to know if anyone has tried juicing! I got obsessed with the idea after watching Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead on Netflix. Now, there’s a 2nd movie and I will be watching it soon! The stories and experiences shared in the documentary motivated me to want to eat better and lead me to juicing. It wasn’t easy, but hey….nothing is that’s worth it!

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