what-is-spirulinaYou may have already heard about spirulina and its many forms, but what is it and why is it so popular?

I first read about spirulina when my boyfriend and I decided to start juicing.

We watched a documentary on Netflix (Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead) and couldn’t wait to start our juice cleanse.

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Don’t get me wrong, I don’t follow every new trend that I see on a documentary or TV infomercial!

This one was different because they weren’t trying to “push” their products on the viewers. It all started with a man from Australia that knew death would be in the near future if he did not make some life changes. So, he came to America and did a road trip while juicing and educating people along the way.

What got me was seeing him juice out of his car (and ordering it when he found a real juice bar)….my excuse for anything is usually how hard it is to fit into my busy lifestyle. I don’t compare a road trip to being a real estate agent or a hairdresser, but I know that being on the road is the most challenging place to diet successfully. Therefore, if he can do that…I could do it at home.

Smoothies-And-Juices-RecipesWe started juicing with some recipes online, but like most things…an excuse to go to Barnes & Noble searching for the perfect book is okay too :). We bought a simple book called Smoothies & Juices. It was categorized by fruit/vegetable used and had ratings for immune health, energy, mental health, etc. One of the ingredients that I noticed a lot throughout the book was spirulina powder. Of course, we ordered on Amazon right away!

Adding spirulina powder to our juice was interesting because it’s hard to mix completely with the juice. There was always a thick dark green layer at the top, and although it is supposed to be tasteless…I swore I could tell it was there.

Spirulina health benefits are too many to name! It is very high in nutritional value and is considered a secret superfood or “miracle from the sea.” It is high in protein, vitamins, and so much more that you will definitely want to read about it and learn more.

I do enjoy the powder, but I don’t want to add it to my smoothies or juices all the time. That’s when I found spirulina supplements. It’s so much easier than adding to juice and you can take it daily just like a multi-vitamin.

Of course, the powder may deliver more benefits, but it needs to stay refrigerated and does not have a long shelf life. You also need to be very careful about which company you order it from. We did a lot of research about spirulina powder and supplements because there is some controversy about it.


Spirulina…the “miracle of the sea”!

It is found naturally in the sea, but there are spirulina farms that are imperative to the mass production and distribution of this amazing superfood. If it is not farmed properly it can have toxic properties.

The toxins aren’t so high that you will notice anything right away, but you will probably be cancelling out the benefits if there are any from spirulina that is not farmed properly.


Hawaiin Organic Spirulina Farm

You need to make sure that you’re buying certified organic. Check on the background of the company and do research on the farms that they buy from. Remember, we live in a “corporate country” where large companies and investors are always looking for a new way to make money….new ways to take advantage of the consumer.

Do you think they all care about how the product is made or the safety? Vitamins and minerals are known for their lack of FDA approval because it is not required. So, like everything else you should check first, buy later!

Do you juice with spirulina? Or, do you use it in recipes like energy popcorn? I would love to know how you use spirulina and if you noticed a difference in your health and energy levels! Please leave a comment below to share your tips with everyone!

Here’s a link to the supplements that I like from BRI Nutrition. Whether you use it in your foods, or as a daily vitamin, spirulina is a great super food for your health!

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