Inspirational-Quote-Nail-PolishSo…I used to LOVE nail art! It all started with my first “how-to” book. It came with pens and had step-by-step instructions for some of the cutest designs!

I was in middle school and my passions were (and still are) arts & crafts and cosmetology. Naturally, I spent hours mastering these designs.

The ladybug, polka dots, hearts…you name it…and all of them would match my outfit for the next day…of course.

Now, I barely have the time to think about my nails, and it’s quite embarrassing! I don’t even go for manicures and pedicures lately because I am just “too busy”. Let me tell you something….you are NEVER too busy to treat yourself to some pampering! Even if it is something so little as a manicure or pedicure….those are very important and you won’t know how much until you neglect yourself of those little indulgences like I have.



I didn’t forget or avoid it…I just don’t go because I know too much about the sanitary procedures that are not followed 95% of the time, and I don’t believe in paying for something that I can do myself. I’m sure that as the years go by….I will cave and pay for those little services even though I know I can do them better :).

Why am I telling you about my mani/pedi history? I’m telling you because I used to have a lot of time and a lot of motivation to make sure my nails looked awesome every day…no matter what. Of course, that isn’t realistic after high school or college. It may be for those of you that don’t work or keep up with a few kids, but for most of us it’s just not practical (or on the top of the “to do” list).

The important thing to remember is that no matter how old you are or what is going on in your life….you should always have your nails polished and great shoes on. I have heard this from several women of fashion…..those in their 90’s…50’s…30’s…etc. The women that look great always have those two things in tact because if you keep up with your nails and shoes….everything else will fall into place!

Nail-Art-Designs-Be-Me-Nail-ArtNow, we come to this nail art trend, and you tell yourself that you are too old or you don’t have enough time. Whether you are a teenager that can’t wait to change her polish, or a working woman that thinks she doesn’t have time…nail art comes in all forms for all ages!

What do you think a french manicure is? Often it is some type of nail art! Yes, it may be mimicking the natural nail form, but it certainly does look like a more modern and artsy portrayal of it’s actual appearance. Sometimes the french manicure is embellished with floral or whimsical designs….that’s also nail art.

Do you choose to get a small gem or “nail jewelry” incorporated into your manicure? That’s also nail art….too tacky for my taste, but do what you like and what flatters your style. I probably won’t be transforming my nails into ladybugs anytime soon, but there is a new sophistication to nail art that many have not experienced yet! Get out there and try it! You never know what will tickle your fancy!

Speaking of nail trends and never being too young, old, or middle-aged to try anything….I have a story to share!

I was showing a home to one of my favorite clients and as we were leaving her mother showed me her “birthday” manicure. She is in her 80’s and is one of the most spunky women I’ve met at her age. Trust me, I’ve met several of all walks of life and gotten to know many of them!

She is different….she wears hair accessories like head bands and barrettes…she coordinates her outfits even if she’s only going out to get groceries….and she always smiles. Maybe that’s why I like her so much, but I think part of it is her burning desire to hang on to style, trends, and most of all…what she loves and feels beautiful in.

Her birthday manicure was pretty cool. I know a lot about what’s available and even I had not seen this cool new trend in manicures. She had “mood” polish on and it worked with a special gel coat that had classy sparkles in it. Her nails looked great and she couldn’t believe that it had lasted more than 3 weeks! They were turning from a lovely muted pink to a dark lilac as we left the home they were previewing. Some may attribute that to the change in temperature, but I like to go with the fact that it was actually mood polish!

Anyways….to some that may seem like a story that is “out of place” or not relevant to the current subject, but I think that everyone can relate to her. She was glowing with joy to show me her manicure and we should always feel that way no matter what stage of life we are in.

Do you like ladybugs and want them on your nails? Do it…who gives a crap if you think you have grown too old for that! You’ll probably get lots of compliments and I bet you several of those women will wish they had the guts to wear nail art on a week day.

Do you love flowers, hearts, or swirls? Nail art can be anything that you want it to be. I’ve seen lots of amazingly creative designs lately and that’s because creativity is the new norm. It is accepted because things that are not usually seen are now interesting and forward-moving in society.

Be-Me-Nail-Art-DesignsSo…wear those awesome colors! Play with some new designs on your nails!

Match your shoes and your purse with your polish like you did when you were 14!

If you’re a little timid about it….try wearing something sophisticated…in black…with a conservative hair style and soft makeup. Spice up your look with some adorable lady bug nails!  Just do it….you will never regret it!

Be Me Nail Art is the first set of nail design pens that I’ve used since middle school. Yes, it’s a little bizarre!

How did I go from using polish meant for designs to thinking that a tooth pick would suffice?

It doesn’t….that’s why I love these pens! Stay tuned for my upcoming tutorials on how to do designs of all types for your fingers and toes!



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