Do you have super knotty hair? You’re not alone…it’s a daily struggle for most of us and if you have healthy hair then there’s a simple solution!

Other causes of ridiculously knotty hair are chemical damage, heat damage, split ends, product build-up, etc. If you’re not sure about the condition of your hair you can take this quick damage quiz to find out how damaged your hair is and what you can do about it!


You probably remember when the Wet Brush hit salon shelves and everyone just had to have it! In the beauty industry we are constantly introduced to the newest, latest, and greatest products that are sure to solve all of our problems.

The truth is that none of this stuff will work unless you take care of your hair.

Will the BEST detangling brush work miracles if you haven’t combed your hair in days? Probably not.

It will still be a struggle to get those tangles out, but maybe the right brush will make it a little easier!

You still need to condition your hair, protect it from heat, and do an occasional mask or treatment depending on what you need.

Knotty Hair

Keep a detangling comb in the shower.

Use it after you apply your conditioner, but before you rinse it out. I like to leave the conditioner in for about 5 minutes for easier combing!

Make it the last thing you do before you get out of the shower.
This will ensure that your hair is freshly combed and its least tangled state! If you comb it before shaving your legs, washing your face, etc. there is a good chance that some knots will appear before your shower is over.


Don’t flip your head over and rub the moisture out of your hair with a towel.
Goody-Claw-ClipsWe all want to do it, and some people can without causing a mess.

If you struggle with tangles…

Just blot it gently, twist it lightly, and put it up with a large claw clip until you are ready to style it.

If you have fine/thin hair, over-processed hair, or very damaged hair…then you should definitely do this!

Don’t flip your head over and blow dry it without a purpose.
Paul-Mitchell-Blow-DryerWe all want to do it, but this is the #1 reason why most people can’t make their hair look like their stylist can.

Not only will it make your hair harder to style, but of course, it will be much harder to brush afterwards!

Doing this basically reverses the detangling you did in the shower!

Instead, blow-dry your hair with the nozzle facing downward.
Sometimes I use my brush to gently guide my hair with the blow-dryer.

If you don’t have a nozzle on your blow-dryer…I highly recommend getting one! It helps to direct the air where you want it to go and aids in creating a prettier blow-out! I am lost without mine!

Round-brushing after this step is optional and a personal preference.Some people need it, some don’t. That will depend on your hair thickness and coarseness.

Keep a brush in your purse.
Throughout the day just run the brush through it really quick to freshen up your style and get out the knots that have already started to accumulate.


Definitely brush it after you’ve been outside in the wind or moving around a lot!

I like this brush because it’s small, but not like those folding compact brushes that don’t work very well. Some of them seem to make it worse!

It’s cute, easy to throw in your purse, and works GREAT for detangling!

The mirror on the back is an added benefit! I use it for re-applying my lipstick or tweezing my eyebrows.

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