Moisturizer-GenericWhich moisturizer should I use?

With endless possibilities when it comes to skin care it can be very confusing!

The important thing to remember is to refrain from “overloading” your skin with too many products!

You don’t need everything, and just because something is the latest and greatest doesn’t mean it’s for you.

That’s why I like to share products of all kinds for all skin types.

Many skin care products claim to be for every skin type, but we all know that’s not true! Even the most basic moisturizers and toners can be catered to your needs.

Let’s look at Clinique’s 3-Step Skin Care Regimen, for example. They offer a system for Very Dry to Dry, Dry Combination, Combination Oily, and Oily. I use the 3-Step system most of the time and I’ll try out some new products every now and then to use with or in place of the Clinique system. I almost ALWAYS stick with the 3-Step System because it’s simple and I like it.

Click here to figure out your skin type on Clinique’s site!

I use other products because skin care is somewhat like shampoo (you should mix it up from time-to-time). Sometimes I feel like my hair is more dry, or may feel like there’s a build-up that isn’t normally there. That’s when I switch to a clarifying shampoo, or use a more mild conditioner. I may even use a scalp treatment a few times a week until I feel like I’m back to normal.

Our skin changes too….even if we have a great skin care regimen and do it daily. Sometimes I feel like my Clinique moisturizer is a little too much, and I use something lighter. In the winter months when my skin is more dry, I may need something stronger. Or, I might continue to use my regular moisturizer with another product. The possibilities are endless, and you should pay attention to changes because your skin is telling you what it needs!

I was drawn to this stem cell moisturizer by Ageless Derma because of the green apple. Call me crazy, but I love bright colors, fruit, and products that are made with fruit! Their motto says-

An apple a day keeps the wrinkles away!

Ageless-Derma-Apple-Stem-Cell-MoisturizerI haven’t used this moisturizer enough to say it’s true yet, but one thing’s for sure….an apple a day is great for many things! It must do something for our skin too!

I don’t have wrinkles yet (that I’m aware of :), but I believe in preventing these things before they show up rather than worrying about them after they’re noticeable.

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If you’re in your teens…twenties…thirties…etc., everyone should be taking great care of their skin throughout their life. The more you do now (even if you think it’s too late), the better your skin will look for life!

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3 Responses to Stem Cell Moisturizer?

  1. Sue Barney says:

    Sounds like a products I would Love to try! Does have an apple fragrance also?

    • Erika Brown says:

      It doesn’t smell like apples.

      Personally, I would rather my skin care products to have little to no fragrance because they are best for your face. If you wear perfume or body spray it won’t make much of a difference. The scent of a product when we use it is what makes it appealing….although the smell goes away! Interesting 🙂

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