Eclectic-CatchOne of my best friends from the hair industry opened her own business this past year, and she is pumping out so many great finds!

As many of you know…I don’t promote many websites or profiles based on my personal interest or affiliations! Cassie and Erik are amazing and they believe in superior customer service!

They work hard to create unique and custom home decor that you can’t find anywhere else!


I have several pieces in my home and I wish I had room for more! Don’t take my word for it…check out their Etsy Store!

Enjoy 10% OFF your purchase of $50 or more!Use the code: ERIKABLOG10 !

Eclectic-Catch-Corner-ShelfI love DIY and I fully support the many creations that my readers send in, but we all know that we cannot create anything and everything.

Sometimes there are certain talents that should be left to others…as I have found the hard way :).

Please leave a comment if you’ve purchased an item from Eclectic Catch!

Tell us what you love about it! If you haven’t purchased anything yet….tell us what you would love from their store!

Who knows….they may be coming to a show or fair near you!!!!

Click here to visit their shop!!!


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