Eliminating-Dark-SpotsDo you have dark spots that you wish you could get rid of?

Whether it be age spots, freckles, or other pesky discolorations that seem to appear overnight…there is a solution.

First of all…

It’s important to think about why you would like to get rid of a certain spot and if the risks outweigh the benefits.

For example…

I became friends with a girl my freshman year of college and everyone thought she was gorgeous. She was…she had modeling opportunities in-between classes, and luck followed her everywhere she went!

One day she told me that she was looking for a way to get rid of her freckles. I said, “You’re crazy! Why would you want to do that? You’re freckles are a part of you and one of the reasons why you get asked to model.” Her freckles gave a uniqueness to her natural beauty, but she wanted to change that so badly.

In fact, she was so desperate that she was willing to take a medication that would lighten her freckles and cause side effects that she justified. She had bronze skin and loved the beach, but on that medication she would have to avoid the sun or tanning at all. You cannot lighten some parts of your skin and expect to tan the rest. There is no “magic eraser” for only the parts that you wish to get rid of.

The sad part is that some modeling agencies or employers can be very cruel. One of them probably told her that they didn’t like her look, and it stuck with her.  From that day forward…freckles were bad and they must go.

Beauty is different for everyone.

I love the porcelain skin that some women are lucky to have. That makes them beautiful just as freckles make someone else’s beauty stand out. I look tired or sick with no tan because of my skin type, so I’m not trying to achieve the flawless/porcelain look. Hopefully you recognize the parts of you that are unique to your own beauty and you want to enhance them rather than change them.

Now that you’ve read my story….I hope that most of you who still want to eliminate dark spots are doing it for the right reasons. You may have a huge dark spot on your face from aging, and that’s fine.

It’s those that want to change their entire appearance that should be looking at other ways to feel more beautiful and love themselves.

Eliminating dark spots starts with the proper skin care regimen and being healthy. Sometimes the causes of these spots cannot be pin-pointed, so you want to make sure that you’re caring for your body the best you can before seeking other methods of treatment. You might want to read Eating for Your Skin & More for tips on how to improve your skin from the inside-out.

Make sure that you are following a skin care regimen to suit your needs. Don’t overdo it, and don’t forget to do the simple things like washing your makeup off or using a toner on a regular basis. Masks are also a great way to eliminate the dead skin and reveal your brightest look.

Using a dark spot eliminator is a great way to improve your skins overall tone and evenness. BB Creams and makeup can even your skin tone, but some of them won’t give you the coverage you need. The only way to achieve the look you want is to treat the spots that are bothering you.

Ageless-Derma-Skin-BrightenerHere’s a great product to try by Ageless Derma. I don’t have many spots as most of mine are freckles…so I just use a tonal correcting cream unless I have a tan.

I gave this to my grandma to try because she has always talked about a few spots on her face that bother her.

It works great, and with regular use she will probably not even be able to notice the darkest spots that have been there for so long!

The only thing I ask is to try using this product when you will be in the sun the least amount of time.

If you usually wear a hat and sun screen then you will probably be okay. Most products that lighten your skin (medications or creams) will cause more sensitivity to sunlight. Everyone reacts differently, and being careful is always the best option!

*Of course….always consult with your dermatologist or physician before starting a new skin care regimen!

Have you suffered from dark spots that you couldn’t get rid off? Or…have you used a great product that made a huge difference in your skin? Please share your experiences or ask questions in the comment section!

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  1. Skin SageMia says:

    Hi Erika, yes, I completely agree with you, it’s better to enhance the uniqueness of our body parts rather than eliminate it Also, proper skin care is needed to maintain the our beauty and youthful appearance.

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