beach-sunThe effects of skin exposure to the sun’s rays…even for a short amount of time every day…can create many skin problems.

It can cause early lines and wrinkles, cause sunburn, decrease the skin’s natural moisture levels, mark up the skin with unsightly dark spots and even be the cause of cancerous lesions.

This is why it is so important that skin be protected from the sun on a daily basis.

Applying a daily moisturizer with SPF not only protects skin from the sun’s potentially dangerous rays, but it also provides deep moisturizing benefits that are absolutely necessary after experiencing solar exposure.

Look for a moisturizer/sunscreen duo that contains oleosomes. Oleosomes are natural, botanical oils found in certain plants and seeds. These oils provide plants with a source of energy and thereby allow the sunscreen element to act as an active delivery system and as a stable environment for the effective ingredients contained within the moisturizer.

Ageless-Derma-Sunscreen-MoisturizerTry something like this moisturizer/sunscreen from Ageless Derma!

It is SPF 35+, contains safflower oleosomes, and protects from harmful UVB and UVA rays! Enter to win you own bottle here!

If you apply a daily moisturizing sunscreen with SPF, you are protecting your skin from sun exposure that may result in sunburn(the sun’s UVB rays) and premature aging or skin cancer(UVA rays)!


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