Living for a year without food is a little extreme. Of course, some have done it and lived to tell the story.

That doesn’t make me want to try it though.

I think that the point this books makes is to find nourishment and health without fad diets and silly supplements.

We need to find a way to be happy from the inside-out and everything else will fall into place!


Here’s a quick snippet to tell you a little more about this book:

After years of spiritual development and in search for a higher understanding of our path, Ray Maor decided to take the ultimate consciousness leap and pass through a Breatharian initiation process that has completely transformed his life.

As a Breatharian he sought to share his deep experience in order to promote the human understanding about the spiritual -mental connection to our physical body and our ability to transcend above our standard abilities. Therefor Ray volunteered to be tested in a television medical experiment done on an investigative reporting show. In the show he went eight days without food or water and was blood & medically tested daily to prove that as a Breatharian, his blood work will not change and his physical state will not be altered.

In the book Ray Maor gives us his personal exposure story and shares information that he has investigated and collected about the energy of Prana and the multiple benefits of the Breatharian lifestyle along with some life changing tips.

Have you read this book or something that encourages nourishment through energy? Please share your thoughts in the comment section!

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