Coconuts are the craze these days because they have so many great uses!

From coconut water to coconut skin care there’s something for everyone

I know that some of you are thinking- “Whatever, this is nothing new!”

Good for you and your health if you’ve been using coconut oil long before the craze began.

As for the rest of us…starting with one use at a time is a great way to get the benefits and fall in love with coconuts!

Here are 10 Great Uses For Coconut Oil:


1. Deep Conditioner

Use coconut oil as a deep conditioner if your hair is feeling a little more dry than normal. I have a client that uses coconut oil in most of her hair & skin care routine and she swears by it!

2. Cheekbone Highlighter


For some of us store bought highlighting products are a little too much for the face.

I’ve tried several and I like some of them, but many are just too shiny or shimmery for everyday wear.

If you’re looking for a naturally highlighted look for your cheekbones then you may want to give coconut oil a try!


All you have to do is lightly brush it along your cheekbone area after applying and setting your makeup. It won’t give you an oily feeling and it will make your skin softer and it smells great! Remember to use just a tiny bit!

A cotton ball is great for application if you don’t have a makeup brush you can use. I like a brush like this foundation brush for a light sweeping of coconut oil!

3. Shaving

Shaving-Tips-For-WomenHow many women actually buy shaving cream?

The last time I purchased shaving cream was with coupons because it was $0.50 per can. It never lasts as long as you think and most of it goes down the drain anyways!

Using a soap bar to shave your legs doesn’t give the smooth feeling either, so I have used hair conditioner before. That works great, but I will only use a cheap brand for shaving….it still doesn’t work great because it is thick.

Coconut oil will give your legs a great coating that stays while you shave. Even if the shower rinses your leg a little before you shave it….your skin is still protected and it will give you a great shave! Some people put on oil after their shower….so why not shave with it and get even more benefit?

Check out some of my other great tips for shaving!

4. Eye Makeup Remover

You can use coconut oil to remove regular or waterproof mascara! When you think about your eye makeup remover….it’s just oil and some other random chemicals. Even the products that are “oil-free” feel somewhat oily. That’s because the oil is great for breaking down mascara and other hard-to-remove makeup products like eyeliners.

If you switch to using coconut oil as your makeup remove you’ll save money and do great things for your skin!

5. Face & Body Scrubs

DIY-Face-Body-ScrubThere are SO many great recipes for face & body scrubs that may or may not utilize coconut oil.

The important thing to remember when making your own DIY scrubs or skin care products is to forget about the cool recipe you found and think about what you need.

Ask yourself…..

Am I making a scrub because I want a natural exfoliant for my face or for my body?

Is my skin sensitive to harsh exfoliants?

Am I making a DIY scrub for no reason other than the fact that I ♥ DIY?!

A favorite recipe of mine came from a fellow future professional in cosmetology school. She had beautifully smooth skin! Although some of her ideas sounded a little nuts….they worked! Not to mention, she was doing this before the big DIY craze so everyone is on the bandwagon now!

Here’s a super exfoliating face & body scrub recipe:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Coffee Grounds or Raw Sugar (or both)
  • Optional: Essential Oils for scent or healing

6. Moisturizer

Is your skin extremely dry? Do you ever feel like you apply lotion and need to reapply within the hour? Some lotions contain alcohol or other ingredients that may dry your skin out. Coconut oil is a great way to moisturize your skin and treat it at the same time.

Chronic dry skin is just like any other problem. Covering it up is only temporary! So, if your lotion isn’t working….try coconut oil and you might be pleasantly surprised!

7. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy-RecipesCoconut oil is used as a carrier oil in aromatherapy recipes.

It smells great and it helps with the absorption of other oils and herbal extracts so you get the most out of the aromas!

Mix it with essential oils like peppermint and lavender.

8. Home Remedies for Medicine

Coconut Oil can be used to treat dry skin, head lice, and many other internal or external skin conditions. Supposedly….spraying a child’s hair with a mixture of oils (mainly coconut oil) is just as effective as using the harsh chemicals sold in department stores! It’s worth a try…and it probably smells better!

*Always consult your doctor or physician before self-treating certain conditions!

9. Massage Oil

Massage-TherapyStore bought massage oils can get very expensive!

If you’re like me…you’re not shopping around for a great massage oil to use at home anyways!

But, if you have a huge bottle of fractionated coconut oil laying around….why not try it out?

Most massage oils have coconut or similar oils in them anyways, but they have a lot of other fillers so they can cut down on production costs. Most of the other ingredients are various fragrances, oils, etc. and they are not near as natural as plain coconut oil. Our body absorbs everything we rub on it so it’s better to stay simple to promote our health from the inside-out!

This is also a great idea if you have sensitive skin or are prone to skin allergies. The ingredients for coconut oil leave nothing to the imagination!

10. Cooking

Healthy-Popcorn-RecipeUntil now, I had only used the solid form of coconut oil for cooking.

I didn’t research coconut oil or look for alternatives because I LOVE the coconut oil in a jar from Trader Joe’s!!!

I got hooked on it after a family friend brought some popcorn to a picnic at my grandma’s house. We love it when she brings a dish because she is devoted to her health on all levels and she’s perfected just about every recipe!

Here’s her vegan cheesy popcorn recipe if you want to try it with solid or fractionated coconut oil (I’m not a chef so timing, measurements, etc. should be judged to the best of your ability!):

  • Popcorn Kernels
  • Coconut Oil
  • Nutritional Yeast (Sounds gross, but it’s delicious and tastes like cheese!)
  • Kelp Granules (Better than sea salt & better for you!)
  • Optional: Pepper or Cayenne Pepper
  • Optional: Other mixed seasonings flavored to your taste (I use Spike sometimes.).


1. You can either pop the kernels with the coconut oil, or use an air popper to pop the kernels and add the coconut oil later.

2. Drizzle the plain popcorn with coconut oil. This can get complicated….the first time I did it my popcorn was too soggy! I suggest “tossing” the popcorn in the coconut oil, but if you know a better method definitely try it and share with us!

3. Sprinkle the freshly tossed popcorn with nutritional yeast, kelp granules, pepper, and additional seasonings.

4. Enjoy! Then come back and tell us how you did 🙂


This one doesn’t use coconut oil….it has coconut flakes instead. I love it, so I still wanted to share it while we’re talking about coconuts!

Energizing Snack Mix


The same client I told you about that uses coconut oil for her hair and skin told me about a great snack mix she makes!

I wish I could stick to so many healthy habits like she does, but one at a time is a great way to start!

She carries a little container or plastic baggie of the mix in her purse and munches on it while she’s working or if she’s hungry in-between meals.



Of course, you should have a variety and this snack mix shouldn’t be your only daily snack! It’s cheaper too!

Here’s her energizing coconut snack mix recipe:

  • Organic Coconut Flakes
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Almonds
  • Dark Chocolate Chips

*You can add or substitute your favorite nuts or berries for your own snack mix! Keep in mind that the darker the chocolate the better it is for you and some nuts are not as healthy as others 🙂




Here’s a great product that you can try if you haven’t started using fractionated coconut oil yet! This one is great because you get a huge bottle and it’s only $15.

I’m so glad I heard about this because the solid coconut oil I buy in a jar at Trader Joe’s is expensive and I can use this instead of liquefying the expensive stuff.

I suggest using the Organic Coconut Oil from Trader Joe’s for cooking unless you need a lot of oil. The fractionated coconut oil is great for the popcorn recipe I gave above!

Do you use coconut oil for something that’s not listed in this post? Please share your secrets in the comment section!




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    One of my friends has amazingly glowing skin and pearl white teeth, and she uses coconut oil every morning by putting it in her mouth and holding it there for 20 minutes. It kind of acts as a conditioner for your gums and apparently is very healthy for your skin! There are a few articles about it online, sounds crazy 🙂

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