when-will-my-neck-start-to-ageSome of you are already thinking about the appearance of your neck, and others can’t even imagine that something like neck cream will ever be necessary.

Whether your neck is showing signs of aging right now or not… it is important to care for your skin before you age just as much as you will when you notice the first signs of aging.

Your neck is one of the first places on your body that will start to reveal your age. The reason why your neck may start to show signs of aging before the rest of your body does it because the skin is thinner than the skin on your face. Just in case you’re wondering…the other places you will first notice signs of aging are your elbows, hair, face, hands, and eyelids.

Don’t fret over your neck! I’m talking to everyone of course…those of you that have already noticed it and those that haven’t. Just care for your skin and your health throughout your life and be happy with the skin you’re in!

If it’s too late….oh well, start now. If it’s too early….great, start now.

If it’s bothering you beyond belief then wear a pretty scarf, use great products, or consult a cosmetic surgeon. In my opinion, “going under the knife” should be the absolute last resort and shouldn’t be overdone. This subject varies greatly from person to person, but surgery is never a need when it comes to a few wrinkles.

Neck-Cream-Body-MerryThat’s why I’m telling you all about this great neck cream today! Some of you may be thinking- “Isn’t she too young for this?”. If you’re not thinking that, then I haven’t noticed that I’m not 21 anymore so don’t burst my bubble 🙂 .

All jokes aside, you’re never too young or too old to care for your skin!

If you already use your daily moisturizer on your neck (you should all the way down to your chest area) then that’s great!

You can continue to use your daily moisturizer with a neck cream if you want to boost the results.


Neck creams have additional ingredients that are meant for areas with thinner skin and can greatly improve your appearance. That’s why I like to remind everyone that it’s never too late! I’ve seen clients start a skin tightening or improvement regimen with success and unbelievable results!

No one can predict when you will age, but you can prevent it from happening prematurely!

Just remember that most neck creams(and any skin care product) requires regular use. Your skin will need the daily application especially if it has already moderately aged in order to “keep up” the fresh look you achieve with the product you choose.

Most of them suggest applying the product twice a day. Make sure that you apply it every morning & night(or every morning if you choose once daily), and stick to it so your skin will get continuous benefits!

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