amino-herbal-hydration-maskAre you someone who loves the sea, sand, and sun?

I certainly am, and I love products that are inspired by the sea and the many amazing components it has for our health!

The first time I realized that salt water is awesome when it comes to hair & skin was in high school.

After a long day at the beach and a swift boat ride back to the house my hair looked amazing.

I didn’t want to wash it, and I couldn’t seem to recreate the look with products.

So, the next weekend when we went out in the boat I brought an empty water bottle. I quietly leaned over while we were going slow and scooped up what I thought would be my precious salt water styling spray for the week.

Don’t try it….it looked nasty and there was stuff floating around in it!

There are only two ways to truly benefit from the sea when it comes to looks:

1) Going to the beach and rocking the natural look for dinner that evening until you must shower.

2) Using products that have been made from the sea in a clean and organic manner.

If there is a 3rd option that I don’t know about….please let me know in the comment section!

It’s no secret that everyone’s hair and skin looks awesome after a day at the beach and we long for summer’s glow every winter. It’s not just the sun that we need! The minerals and vitamins that we get from salt water do amazing things for our skin. OZ Naturals is the closest skin care line I have found that does what the beach will for me.

OZ-Naturals-Amino-Herbal-MaskThis Amino Herbal Hydration Mask plumps up your epidermis with hydration and is gentle enough for everyday use(unlike most masks-weekly or biweekly).

It’s specially formulated to deliver the most moisture directly to your skin cells with a calming and cooling effect. Botanical solvents drive moisture repair ingredients directly into the heart of your skin cells, with a result of ridding your tired, sallow, and dry complexion.

Aloe vera juice is a big ingredient in this product when it comes to hydration. That’s one of my favorite things about this mask because aloe vera also has amazing healing properties. Most of us are not going to put aloe vera gel on our face and just chill out unless a sunburn just happened!

If you haven’t tried products like these and you love the sea like me….I highly recommend giving it a go! I’ve also used the toner, cleanser and moisturizer by OZ Naturals.

I know we’re not talking about toners, but I get SO tired of those drying alcohol based products! Even if they say “alcohol free” they can still dry out your skin pretty bad. Then you have to use a good lotion to re-hydrate and end up putting too much moisture back, which creates a vicious cycle!

Some of you might think that these sea products are not the best for your skin because the salt water can make you feel a little dry. I would much rather experience a “dryness” like that of the sea because it’s natural. It’s not like you’re swimming around in rubbing alcohol or witch hazel (I like witch hazel for acne and blemish treatments, but not everyday use.).

Sea-inspired products will evenly balance your skins pH the organic way…with the vitamins and minerals we are meant to be swimming in!

Have you used any “sea-inspired” skin care products like OZ Naturals? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section!

Most of you have probably tried something similar for hair, but we’ll get into sea salt sprays in a separate post because I have a new favorite!

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