If you haven’t read about my thoughts on the miracles the sea can do for our skin and hair…you should read this post after checking out the Ocean Mineral Cleanser!

I don’t like to repeat myself from post to post, but sometimes it is unavoidable. This awesome facial cleanser is part of a product line by an up-and-coming company called OZ Naturals.

You may have seen me mention their “sea-inspired” products in other posts or reviews.

The fact that their products are organic is great, but that’s what everyone is doing these days.

Nowadays you have to check for hidden labels on products to make sure that organic products are actually “organic”.

It’s silly, but giant companies always find a loophole to sell more products and do it on the cheap. Organic products are becoming more affordable, but when produced in the masses I’m sure it’s hard for them to keep up!

The reason why I’m bringing up the organic trend is because this company has a unique edge! They base their formulas on natural & organic products that are backed by the science of skin care.

To top it all off…..the product line is inspired by and created with minerals and vitamins from the sea! I love it because the sea is meant to naturally heal and preserve.

It’s an amazing part of our Earth and most people don’t appreciate it as they should.

In a nutshell, this skin care product is highly concentrated with more than 92 ocean minerals in a bio-friendly therapeutic cleanser. The ocean minerals nourish and repair dry skin, blemishes, skin lesions, and rough/damaged skin.



It’s also packed with botanicals that soothe and stimulate cellular regeneration of the skin!

Rose Hip oil and Vitamin E are just a few of the other well-known ingredients that will pamper your skin and get it glowing again.

Ocean Minerals Facial Cleanser is safe for all skin types and is best used as a restorative facial cleanser!


If you’re interested in using a new skin care line…I recommend starting with one product from a line that you like. If you love it, then purchase the other products you need from that line. I usually do this with a moisturizer because lotion is pretty basic. Another idea is to buy a travel size set to test out new skin care products!

You might also light their toner, moisturizer, and hydration mask….all inspired by the sea!

Have you tried a product line that’s “sea-inspired”? I’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment!

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