Beard-ConditionerI don’t post as much as I should for Men’s Grooming, but when I come across great products or tips I try to include them!

It’s nothing personal, of course! Men’s hair & skin care is getting bigger, but there are so many unanswered questions that I try to address for women.

If you’re a guy that’s into his hair and looking fresh….please contact me with suggestions or topics that you’d like to see in the near future 🙂 .

Beards have become a pretty hot topic lately. It’s a little mind-blowing because who knew we’d be styling beards as a fashion statement? Not only that, but beard care is huge because it’s a different type of hair than you have on your head.

You can’t just shower from head-to-toe with a bar of soap and expect to look dapper as some men may think!

Beard hair requires a special regimen….especially if you are styling it or having it shaped to a specific style. Without caring for it you may as well just shave it off!

This beard conditioner is by Smooth Viking. They’re an up-and-coming company that you will probably start to see more of. Their products are made with a 100% natural blend of ingredients that will help tame and style your unruly beard while keeping it healthy and nourished!

Beard Conditioner also stops “itchy beard” by nourishing the skin as your beard grows. It’s easy to use, not messy, and only requires a small amount of product to condition your beard. You may want to look into using it with Beard Oil for the best results!


Have you tried any beard products or do you have a favorite brand?

Please share your tips in the comment section!

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