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You’ve probably heard olive oil referred to as “extra virgin”, but your hair products….I sure haven’t!

Until I stumbled upon a new brand of organic argan oil I never really thought about whether or not the oils we buy for hair care are “extra virgin” or not.

I didn’t know the real meaning behind “extra virgin”, “virgin”, etc. until I took a cooking class last month.

The chef was explaining why extra virgin olive oil is so much better than virgin olive oil. I think it’s safe to assume that this also applies to your hair care oils because it’s all about quality.

Extra Virgin oils are from the first press of the fruit that is used to create the oil.

Virgin oils are created from the second press of the fruit, so the best oils have already been squeezed out and now we’re on to the second best.

You won’t see every hair care product that is oil based with a label that references the quality of the oil.

This is because some products (like Moroccanoil) are created with other awesome ingredients and do not contain pure oil. That doesn’t mean that either is any better than the other. It depends on your hair texture and the desired results you’re going for. 100% oil may be too heavy for some peoples hair, so you will want an oil blend if you have hair that’s on the finer side.

I’ve noticed that less than 50% of my clients are concerned with whether or not a product is “organic”. About half of the clients that request recommendations for organic products need them because of a skin or allergy condition. The rest are pro-organic because they care about their health, the environment, etc.

No matter the reason why you want the best of organic products it’s important to make sure you’re getting quality products. Cheap is okay sometimes, but we all know that there are no corners to cut when it comes to organics!

That’s why this argan oil caught my attention. The creators at ISA Professional are taking it one step further because they want to provide the “best of the best” for your hair. When you’re shopping for your next hair styling or protectant product pay close attention to the quality of the oil and whether or not there are fillers in the ingredients!

A few drops adds shine and manageability to hair. Tames fly aways and split ends. Also great for moisturizing skin and nails.



Here’s a few tidbits about EVAO Organic Argan Oil:

  • 100% Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Direct from the Argan Trees of Morocco
  • Contains naturally occurring Vitamin E
  • Ideal for adding shine & manageability to hair
  • Moisturizes Dry Skin
  • Just a few drops per day!


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