Lemon-Water-Hairgenius10If you haven’t tried fruit-infused water yet, it’s time to start!

I got a fruit infusion water bottle for Christmas and I’ve been hooked ever since. Why is it so awesome?

Everyone knows that they should drink water, and lot’s of it.

Most people don’t drink enough and are often heard saying…

“I really should drink more water, but it’s so hard!”


-Basic Girls Everywhere

The reason why drinking water is seemingly difficult is because we’ve been used to drinking something with flavor. Everyone LOVES flavor!

Not only that, but some foods have been paired with a specific beverage since we were little. That’s definitely a hard habit to break!

Here’s a few examples that everyone should be familiar with:


pasta : wine

pizza : soda

cookies : milk

eggs : orange juice

wings : beer

As I pondered on examples of foods and drinks that are often paired together….I couldn’t help but think that part of the problem is the foods. When I thought of salad…water seemed like an appropriate choice. What about vegetables? Veggies : Iced Tea? No way….the answer is water, of course!

The poor food choices we make send a signal from our taste buds that make us crave a soda or glass of wine. It’s only natural, lol.

I don’t have any studies to back this up or actual facts for those of you that are expecting it. This is all from my personal observations and common sense, but if you know something about our taste buds and what the brain tells us…then please share in the comments!

I’m not making all of these changes at once, and I don’t expect that anyone else should either. I prefer to make small changes and gradually make other because I won’t overwhelm myself and fail by the weekend.

Every time I have committed to drinking only water (or at least a certain amount per day), I found myself making healthier choices without even trying. Water makes you feel good and you will crave healthier foods!

That’s where the infused water craze comes in! Everyone I know is drinking more water because they are infusing it with fruit. I gave one to my mom and she said she’s drinking a few extra glasses a day with her fruit infusion water bottle.

Don’t be shocked when your water isn’t shocking your taste buds with flavor! The intensity of the flavor will depend on which fruits you use and how much you pack in there. It’s not supposed to taste like Crystal Light or Tang. We all know that drink mixes like Crystal Light are a diet fad and soon everyone will be talking about how bad they are for you (that’s because they are bad….fake sugar….is…bad).


This fruit infusion water bottle is awesome for several reasons. One of them being that I got a free bag (it was a surprise because I didn’t read all the details on Amazon 🙂 ). If it’s free it’s for me…lol.

On a serious note….I like this bottle because it doesn’t have a million gaskets to keep clean and has few parts as well. Some infusion bottles have 6 or more separate pieces that you have to clean and all of those must be tightened properly or it will leak.

Not only that, but all of those separate pieces have a rubber piece that must be removed and washed each time you use it to prevent mold from growing. You should do this with any water bottle, but one rubber piece is better than 4 or 5 if you ask me!

The Forever Infusion Water Bottle is made by Live Infinitely and comes in several awesome colors. It also has a place in the top to hook it to your belt loop if you’re going on a long walk or bike ride. Until it gets warmer I will be enjoying mine all day at my desk 🙂 .

Do you already have an infusion water bottle? If so, what are your favorite fruits and do you mix it up or use the same fruits everyday? Please share your tips in the comment section!

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