How-To-Get-Healthy-Hair-VitaMEOne of the most common hair issues that I hear about from clients is that their hair isn’t as “healthy” as it used to be.

I’ve experienced this first-hand and I originally thought that it was because everything changes throughout your twenties.


That may be true, but I realized that I wasn’t taking vitamins like I used to and my lifestyle had changed quite a bit over the last few years.

My hair wasn’t as thick(it has ALWAYS been think), it felt different, and it didn’t hold shape as well as it used to. I’d never had a problem with curly my hair or blow-drying it into an amazing style with ease.

I switched shampoos and bought some new products then passed the rest off to stress and figured it would get better. I told myself it was “just a phase”.

I was wrong and it didn’t take long for me to get totally fed up with my hairs condition. After all, I help others with their hair dilemmas! My hair needs to be tip-top because I believe in practicing what you preach.

So….I started taking vitamins again, drinking LOTS of water, eating more fruits & veggies, and gave myself a different hair or scalp treatment every other week.

That’s the last piece of the puzzle….taking care of YOURSELF! As the years go by and our responsibilities change we start to forget to put ourselves first. We need to relax and paint our toenails every now and then, put on a refreshing facial mask, and take care of our hair! Looking good makes you feel good, and a bad hair day never helped anyone out!

Hair vitamins are amazing and I know that they work. Most of the vitamins that improve our hair health are great for the rest of our body too! Remember that taking a vitamin won’t fix all of your problems, but it’s a great start!

Hair-Vitamins-VitameI used to buy an individual bottle of each vitamin that I needed, and I have a drawer full!

I would fill a little weekly vitamin organizer and that was okay, but it’s easy to forget.

That’s why I love these new vitamins from vitaME. They are pre-packaged and I just grab one in the morning! Anything that comes in an easy-to-dispense package is pretty cool in my book 🙂 .


One box has a 30-day supply and each packet contains the following:

  • 1 Omega 3 Complex
  • 1 B Complex
  • 1 Lysine


Do you take daily vitamins for healthier hair? Did you notice a change and how long did it take for you to see the results? Please share your tips in the comment section!

VitaME has tons of great custom supplement packs to customize your health and fit your routine…so check them out and tell us if you’ve tried any of their other combos!

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