Love-and-Scissors-EventsSo, if you haven’t heard about “Love and Scissors” yet, then it’s about time!!!

Today I will enlighten you on their beautiful works and good graces than are spread amongst those in need.

First of all…..I need to tell you all why this organization is so important in my book and what they do to better the community and their world.



I met Megan in cosmetology school at Rudy & Kelly Academy/Paul Mitchell Partner School. She was in my “core” class (for those of you that understand the beauty and importance of core class) and she was one of my sidekicks that got me through the first phase of our education….and beyond.

Our other sidekick was Monique! She was a feisty Italian shorty that had a natural talent for anything related to hair and the creativity that came with it! Somehow…we became an amazing trio that learned together and played together. Years later we would realize that those times were moments to be cherished and we would long to have them back!

Anyways…the three of us ended up taking completely different paths. Our stories are long and intricate, so if you want to know more about why each of us got where we are today then please contact me for more information (probably more details than you are looking for, lol).

Getting to the point….Megan is one of the founders of an amazing non-profit organization that helps women in Costa Rica to get a substantial education in cosmetology and avoid or get out of the horrendous trafficking market.

Most people don’t know how threatening trafficking is…nor do they understand the dangers of it and how close it can hit to home.

Teaching a trade is one of the greatest gifts that anyone can give to someone in need with no direction or place to go.

Sometimes the general public judges women for their “circumstances” or current unsavory situations in life. Some of them had a choice and some of them didn’t.

I believe in considering every aspect of another persons situation and/or…how/what got them there before I pass judgement on them. Yes, some people choose a dangerous lifestyle. Most of them don’t. Most of them want a family and a regular job….a regular house…regular life…just like you do. The difference is that the “regular” life they yearn for isn’t clouded with material wants and fantasies that most of our society is obsessed with.

They just want a normal, happy, and stable life for themselves and for their family. In the United States we want/need so much, but we actually want for so little.

Hopefully you’re convinced, or you don’t need convincing to support Love and Scissors with their benefit event happening on April 12, 2015!!!


If you live in or around Virginia Beach, VA please pre-purchase your tickets to the event for a discount here! If you don’t live near the eastern coast of Virginia and you would still like to help you can donate to Love and Scissors here!

Please click here if you have any questions about Love and Scissors or how you can help in making the world a better place!

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