Essential-Oil-DiffuserAromatherapy Diffuser…..a new must have!!!!

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first!

I love those Airwick and Glade room scents that plug into the wall! They don’t last long, but I love them!

Not to mention….I get my refills at the Dollar General Store….so they are much cheaper than what everyone thinks!

This aroma diffuser has been awesome! Everyone that has come over since I started using it has commenting on how good my house smells (even when it isn’t on). Not to mention you get some health benefits from using essential oils.


I don’t need to purchase as much as I used to for the glade scents and my home smells even better! The diffuser that’s pictured requires 100mL of water and just a few drops of essential oil to start working!

Benefits of Aromatherapy

1) Enhances mood and general feeling of well-being.

2) Stimulates the brain.

3) Helps with anxiety.

4) Counter-acts “after lunch” sleepiness in the office (use lemon, peppermint, basil).

5) Physical symptoms can subside with aromatherapy.


Here are a few tidbits about this aromatherapy diffuser:

  • 6 Color LED Lights (Choose your color and brightness when you turn it on).
  • Timer- 180, 120, 60, or 30 minutes
  • No heating or burning so the oils don’t get broken down
  • Low energy use
  • Safe auto-off when it runs out of water
  • Uses only 3-5 drops of essential oil

Click here to get your own on!

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